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Gratitudes: July 28, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • Grateful for swimming.
  • Grateful for a small storm dropping the temperature this afternoon.
  • Grateful for casual bicycle rides through neighborhoods.
  • Grateful for days off.
  • Grateful for ear candles.
  • Grateful for grapes, mangos, oj, peaches, bananas, sunflowers, lettuce, broccoli and jalapeños.
  • Grateful for 3 poops.
  • Grateful for clean blankets.

Gratitudes: July 27, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • Grateful for scooters.
  • Grateful for Eckart Tolle and “The Power of Now”.
  • Grateful for farmers markets.
  • Grateful for tomato plants.
  • Grateful for bananas, lychees, lettuce, broccoli, jalapeños, kale and lemons.
  • Grateful for sunflowers.
  • Grateful for long naps.
  • Grateful for baby snuggles.
  • Grateful for senses.

Gratitudes: July 26, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • Grateful for community choir.
  • Grateful for bananas, kiwi, peaches, dolma’s, kale chips, Kombucha and coconut water.
  • Grateful for driving through neighborhoods.
  • Grateful for rain.
  • Grateful for humidity.
  • Grateful for opening and releasing.

Gratitudes: July 24, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • Grateful for feeling accomplished.
  • Grateful for plants.
  • Grateful for good deals.
  • Grateful for bicycles.
  • Grateful for bananas, figs, watermelon and avocados.
  • Grateful for menstration.
  • Grateful for inspiration.

Scorpion in My Bed: Gratitudes and blog: July 24, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Scorpion in My Bed

  • grateful for finding the scorpion before it found Angel or myself.
  • grateful for wonderful neighbors.
  • grateful for long evening walks.
  • grateful for church family.
  • grateful for new friends.
  • grateful for a nap.
  • grateful for bananas, watermelon, figs, lettuce, tomato, broccoli, tahini, lemon, mushrooms, avocado and cucumbers.

I woke at 6:30am. I wanted to sleep longer since I had gone to bed late but my body said it was time to get up and have a bm. I went into the house, had a bm, dry brushed, oil pulled and took a cold shower. Then I went back to the tiny house, put on coconut oil, did handstands and got dressed. Angel woke up, nursed and I put her in a cute dress for church.

We went into the house and I blended half of a large watermelon and packed it to go. I rode to the church and Angel rode in the bicycle trailer. I cleaned the church and them attended the service. I drank my watermelon and shared with Angel. After church I invited a couple with 4 young kids over for lunch.

Before riding home I went to pastor Pam’s house. I scooped up all the dog poo and watered her outside plants. She is recovering from being very sick and I felt compelled to help her out.

I rode home and Savana Storm watched Angel while I ran to the greenhouse to get lettuce. While I was there I grabbed the sprayer I wanted to exchange because it cracked. I stopped at tractor supply and they did the exchange with no problem even without a box or receipt. Yay!!

When I arrived at home my friends were already there. The kids played while I made a big salad and we talked. After we are we went outside and all the kids played in Savana Storm’s little pool.


We talked while the kids played until the babies starting getting tired and needed a nap.

They all left and I nursed Angel to sleep. We both laid down in the living room and I zonked out too. I slept for about 20 minutes and woke up still so tired. I laid there a while but didn’t go back to sleep and finally fully woke up.

I made some banana fig nice cream. Angel woke up and we shared the nice cream while watching Eckart Tolle on YouTube. Then Angel nursed and played on the floor. I called my mom and talked to her a while.

I got off the phone and went outside with Angel. I watered all the outside plants and trees while she played in her pool. Then we went on a long walk.

When we arrived back at home, we took a long cold shower. Then we said goodnight to Savana and her friends. We went out to the tiny house and I started to lay out my bed when I saw a scorpion under my mat. I was not surprised at all. I had been waiting for a scorpion to appear. I had been talking about scorpions earlier to a lady I ran across on my walk. I knew then that one would appear.

I yelled for Savana to bring me a broom. She brought it to me and I handed her Angel. I lifted the mat and caught the scorpion in the broom bristles and the dustpan. I let it go in the back field behind my house. Yay! Scorpion found and no one was injured, not even the scorpion.

I finishec laying out my bed and nursed Angel to sleep.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night


Learning and Growing: Gratitudes and blog: July 23, 2016

imageToday’s gratitudes and blog: Learning and growing

  • grateful for Eckart Tolle.
  • grateful for hot weather.
  • grateful for abundance.
  • grateful for kale.
  • grateful for opportunities.
  • grateful for moments.
  • grateful for breath.
  • grateful for headstands and handstands.

I woke at 5:50am. I had skept restlessly. Angel woke up and nursed back to sleep. I did headstands and handstands. Then went into the house and made 2 64oz. banana/tomato juice smoothies. I dry brushed, oil pulled, took a cold shower, put on coconut oil and got dressed.

I put Angel back in the car, drove to the greenhouse, loaded up for the farmers market and headed out. On the drive I listened to Eckart Tolle and it was amazing.

The market was pretty busy. Angel woke up and nursed. Then she shared a smoothie with me. She played for a while and then went in the backpack. I enjoyed the market and had a great time.

When it was over I drove back and listened to fun music. I arrived at home and left sleeping Angel with Savana Storm. Then I drove to the greenhouse, stocked up on supplies and drove to the Rockdale bbq cook off. I got a prime location by the gate and set up.

Business was really slow, so I walked around talking to people and wrote my blog. I walked around with Angel and she had a blast exploring and going wherever she wanted. I am so fascinated by her.

I went back to the booth around 8pm and nursed Angel to sleep. I hung out to see if I could get any customers until 10pm. Then I packed up to go. I knew that I was going into new territory going to a bbq cook off and I got a few people to try kale chips who had never heard of kale let alone kale chips.

I drove to the greenhouse and unloaded. Then I came home. I took a very delicious cold shower with Angel who had woken up. Then we went to bed and she is nursing and hopefully falling back asleep.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night.


Releasing Deep Pain: Gratitudes and blog: July 22, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Releasing Deep Pain

  • Grateful my right leg has hot water burn scars from my childhood.
  • Grateful for handstands and headstands.
  • Grateful for bananas, figs, watermelon, avocado, tomato, cucumber and celery.
  • Grateful for babies.
  • Grateful for miracles.
  • Grateful for water.
  • Grateful for offering produce deliveries.

I I woke in the night at 2am. I read until 4am. I woke again at 6:30am. I did headstands and handstands and dry brushed. I went into the house, had a bm and took a cold shower. I went back to the tiny house, put on coconut oil and got dressed. I woke Angel Baby up and made my bed.

We went into the house. I got my guest room ready for another Airbnb guest and said goodbye to Phil. I drove to the greenhouse with Angel. At the greenhouse I drank 64oz of blended watermelon and a 16oz. Kombucha. Angel drank some smoothie and ate some strawberries. I spent a couple hours working at the greenhouse. I got a lot done, watering and harvesting and planting. Then I lovingly made up the baskets for home produce deliveries.

I had a great time doing deliveries. It was great to hear positive feedback about me taking over the greenhouse when Andy leaves. People believe I will be successful. I am learning to believe it as well.

After deliveries I went home. While there, I bagged up cashews and Savana Storm helped me bag up fruity roll ups. Angel at a couple of mangoes. I made a big bowl of banana fig nice cream and ate it while Angel nursed. We all got in the car and ran a few errands. Savana Storm got job applications to fill out and Angel fell asleep.

I dropped Savana off at home and drove to George’s. On the drive I listened to Tony Robbins movie ” I Am Not Your Guru”. I found some deep pain that I was holding onto and was able to release it. I released fears of not succeeding at the greenhouse business  I released a hatred toward my right leg that has hot water burn scars from when I was a baby. I released something in my throat that I have no idea what that was. I cried and used humming and sounds until I felt it all was cleared out.

At George’s, Angel woke up and nursed. I cleaned the bathrooms and kitchen while Angel ran around and played. I did a really good deep cleaning around the toilets as was very happy with my work. I drank 64oz. of tomato juice and at half an avocado, Angel ate the other half. Then I sat and watched tv with George and propagated lettuce seeds.

On the drive home I listened to Tony Robbins again. When I arrived in my town. I went to the fairgrounds to decide where I would have my booth at the bbq cook off tomorrow. I had paid a $65 fee to have a booth but I was told it would get refunded to me because I wasn’t selling cooked foods so I didn’t need to pay it. Incredible how things like this manifest in life.

I picked out my spot then I drove to the greenhouse. I sprayed neem oil on all the plants while Angel ran around and played. When I finished we came home. Yay!!

I made a small batch of banana fig nice cream and shared it with Angel. I talked to Savana Storm for a few minutes and Angel played in her little pool. Then I took a cold shower and went to bed. I nursed Angel but she did not fall asleep. She is crawling all over me and I am attempting to finish my blog.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night



The Sleepless Baby: Gratitudes and blog: July 21, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog:

  • Grateful for being the the moment.
  • Grateful for clarity.
  • Grateful for friends coming to visit.
  • Grateful for bananas, strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, veggie nuggets, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, green onions, limits, cilantro, bell peppers, tomatoes and chipotle.
  • Grateful for sleeping Angel.
  • Grateful for swimming.
  • Grateful for bicycles and bicycle trailers and strollers.
  • Grateful for laundry hung and folded.
  • Grateful for time with Myra.

I woke at 4 AM. I read some of the book journey into now and fell back asleep around 5 AM. I woke again at 6:50 AM. I felt very content and well rested. I did headstands and handstands, I went into the house and had a BM, drybrushed and took a cold shower. I went back out to the tiny house put on coconut oil and got dressed.  Angel was still asleep. I watered all of the outside plants and trees. Then I woke up Angel and took Savana Storm to driver’s ed.

When I finished dropping her off I went to the store to get some groceries and while I was there my friend Ali brought her daughter Myra there so I could watch her while Ali worked. Myra helped me pick out produce. Then we drove to my house. My friend Phil came over and planned on spending the day and overnight.  I had a lot of stuff I wanted to get done to get ready for a big event this weekend. Phil talked to me for a while while I made fruity roll ups and kale chips. I received a text from Savana reminding me to pick her up.

I loaded up Myra and Angel in the car and we picked up Savana. I came back home and nursed Angel. I was feeling slightly overwhelmed with still having juicing I wanted to do and getting my guest room reading for Airbnb guests coming to stay for one night. I assessed why I was feeling that way and it was because I felt I should be entertaining Phil who came to see me. Once I realized that then I was able to let it go. I explained to Phil how I would have the afternoon open but I wanted to spend the morning getting things I wanted done.

I juiced 4 64 oz. jars of tomato juice with Myra, Alice and Angel’s help. Then I made up the guest room and vacuumed. It was time to go swimming! Then I sat down and drank a big jar of blended cantaloupe and watermelon and shared with Angel.

Phil brought his bicycle so we decided to ride to the pool. Woohoo! I loaded Myra and Angel in the bicycle trailer and headed out. It was a great ride and a great work out. I felt really strong.

We all had fun at the pool. Angel had a new trick where she will hang onto the wall, then turn and swim to me underwater. She is learning so fast! We swam for an hour and a half. Then we all shared strawberries and strawberry/banana smoothie.

We rode home the long way so I could grab some lettuce from the greenhouse. I was sure that Angel would fall asleep on the ride since she hadn’t napped yet. She stayed wide awake. When we got home I nursed her thinking she would fall asleep but that didn’t happen.

Myra ate some veggie nuggets while I laid on the couch relaxing and Angel played. Phil went to take a nap. I nursed Angel several times to try to get her to sleep. She was so tired and fussy but she would not fall asleep. I think it was too exciting having Myra there. Myra didn’t finish her nuggets so I ate 4 that were left. Immediately I felt heavier.

I got up from resting and made guacamole and a big salad with Myra’s help. Just as we sat down to dinner Ali came to get Myra. She had some salad with use and we all had fun talking and eating salad with guacamole. Angel ate some guacamole. When they left I went on a walk with Angel. Phil wanted to stay, he was sunburned and I think he was feeling it.

As soon as I started walking Angel fell asleep. Bingo! I knew she had to sleep eventually! I went on a short walk. When I arrived back, I went to say good night to Phil but he was already in his room. I took a cold shower and crawled into bed with Angel. Savana agreed to greet the Airbnb guests coming in later.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night


Gratitudes: July 20, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • Grateful for swimming.
  • Grateful for tomatoes, bananas, strawberries, lettuce and mangos.
  • Grateful for recycling.
  • Grateful for success.
  • Grateful for trees.
  • Grateful for clouds.
  • Grateful for farmers markets.

A Typical Day: Gratitudes and blog: July 19, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: A Typical Day

  • Gratitude for farmers markets.
  • Gratitude for strawberries, oj, mangoes, watermelon and cherries.
  • Gratitude for George.
  • Gratitude for health.
  • Gratitude for smart phone.

I awoke at 6:20am. I did a headstand, then went into the house with Angel. Savana Storm was up so I could take her to drivers ed. I had a bm, took a cold shower, put on coconut oil and got dressed.

Savana helped me load the car and the baby. I drove her to drivers ed and went on to the greenhouse. I loaded up what I needed for farmers market and started on the hour long drive.

On the drive I practiced living in the moment. I was able to turn off my mind and focus on my senses. What I was seeing, hearing, smelling and touching. It was fun practice and much needed. Fears have been appearing about having the greenhouse business all mine. Andy is leaving at the end of the month and I will no longer be receiving a paycheck from him. I will be on my own and I go from being excited to peaceful to scared. Being in the moment keeps me feeling peaceful.

I arrived at the market. Shortly after I arrived I used the bathroom and had another bm. It was a busy market day and I almost sold out of lettuce. Angel Baby played in the trunk for a while and was in the backpack the rest of the time. We shared half of a big watermelon. I bought a big box of blemished tomatoes and some melons for $20.

After the market I stopped at the grocery store and then went to George’s. Angel napped for a while. I ran an errand, cleaned the kitchen and floors. When Angel woke up, she nursed and shared a mango, strawberry, fresh oj smoothie. Then later we shared a bag of strawberries and cherries. George asked me to stay an hour late and I agreed since my evening was open.

After George I drove the hour drive home. Angel slept and I listened to organ music. It was a beautiful drive. Once at home Savana Storm helped unload the car. Angel woke up and I made strawberry banana nice cream. We ate and I talked to Savana about her day.

I went outside with Angel and she rode in her new wagon. A lady in town bought it for her. I wheeled her around while I watered the plants and trees. A handyman came by about building me a fence and putting in a new/used bathroom sink. He took measurements and will give me a quote. Then the lawnmower guy came and mowed while I finished watering, pulling Angel in the wagon. Then we filled up the little pool. We played in the water and cooled off.

We went to bed. Angel nursed but did not fall asleep. She is running around the tiny house playing with her toys.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night