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Today’s gratitudes and blog: Working Through Anger and Resentment

  • I am grateful for ladybugs.
  • I am grateful to myself for being passionate about exercise.
  • I am grateful for a freshly mowed yard.

I woke from 3:30am 5:30am and read. I woke again at 7:30am. I had a bm, did handstands, dry brushed and took a cold shower. I got myself and Angel dressed. I decided to have durian for breakfast, Angel was very happy about that. It was a great durian and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I finished the durian I made a mango fresh squeezed tangelo smoothie. I still had 32oz of blended watermelon left over from yesterday and I also packed an avocado.

I rode my bicycle to the greenhouse. On the way I stopped at the post office and mailed some orders. Alice my new roommate met me at the greenhouse to meet my business partner to talk about getting hired to do some work. That went well and Andy hired her which is awesome, except because of it I will have to let go a high school kid we had hired to help me on Fridays.

Alice left and I talked to Andy for a while and made some phone calls to find ladybugs to buy nearby. I found some for a good price in Georgetown and would get them after I worked for George. I headed home and on the way I stopped and filled up both of my 3 gallon water jugs. I passed a place selling mulch for a good price so I bought 4 bags and added those to the water in my bike trailer. It was a great workout of the rest of the way home and I got a good sweat going, which I was thrilled with.

When I arrived home the guy who mows my yard was just finishing up. My yard looked so nice! He helped me unload my bicycle trailer. Then my business partner showed up with 2 extra large pallets for my pallet shed I want to build. Yay!! I loaded up the car and left with Angel to go take care of George. On the drive Angel drank a bunch of watermelon juice and took a nap. I listened to my audiobook and enjoyed the drive. I drank my watermelon juice and later my mango oj.

At George’s we took his truck to the repair shop to get the a/c worked on. When we got back I ate my avocado and nursed Angel. Then I helped his girlfriend Peggy with some paper work she needed to get printed out and scanned. I was irritated about the paper work. It was for a woman that worked for George while I was on maternity leave. I was surprised when Peggy brought her up and told me this was for this woman. My first feeling I was immediately disgust. I went through all my past judgements of her in my head. My not so enlightened thought was…this woman was still being selfish as always and bugging Peggy…who was exhausted and grieving the death of her mother who died last week…how unthoughtful to ask Peggy to write a reference for her that needed to be printed out, signed, scanned back in and sent to the woman’s e-mail. Peggy was overwhelmed with it all and this woman was not being very understanding and compassionate…at least in my mind. I did as I was asked to help Peggy out, because I was the nice one…right!? I was able to get the reference printed but it wouldn’t scan so she sent me home early to have me stop at a UPS store and have them scan it. I was happy to be off work early. I drove to Georgetown to the ladybug store and bought 6,000 ladybugs. That should do the trick! I am having an aphid and thrip problem and ladybugs should fix that right up. Next I went to the nearest UPS store and had the paperwork scanned for George’s girlfriend.

On the drive home I decided I needed to address this anger and resentment I felt toward this woman. I didn’t want to work through it…I wanted to feed it, but I knew that was not going to bring peace and contentment…it would bring just the opposite. So I started to work through it. I questioned my thoughts about her being selfish. Was what I was thinking absolutely the truth? Well…no. How do I feel when I believe the thought? Angry. How would I feel without the thought? Content. Then I turned it around. The woman wasn’t selfish. She was simply asking for a reference. She wasn’t selfish in the past either. I hadn’t made my needs clearly known to her and she had only been acting on the knowledge she had. Ahhh…the anger was gone and I was free once again. Woohoo!! I did it!!

Angel slept on the drive home. I stopped at a grocery store and bought some kale, local watermelon, cucumbers and tangelo’s. When i arrived home I quickly made some kale chips. Savana watched Angel while I went to a town meeting about a new police department. I wasn’t sure what to expect at the meeting but I figured there would be a lot of mad people yelling at each other. I was pleasantly surprised. There was some heated discussion but everyone calmed themselves down and were even willing to see each others point of view. I was very impressed by the people of this town.

I came home and Angel had fun with her sister while I was gone and ate 2 mangos. I wrote my blog. Angel was being very fussy because she was tired. I nursed her but she was still fussy. I was getting mad because I wanted to finish my blog. I finally got realistic and decided to finish writing my blog later. I picked Angel up and she was happy again. I then skyped with my friend Mañu. Angel had fun skyping with us. Mañu and I had a great conversation and it was so good to see and talk to him. It had been a while.

After we got off skype, Angel and I took a quick shower and she nursed to sleep.

Thank you for reading my blog

Good night



Gratitudes and blog: A Very Heavy Shovel: April 27, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: A Very Heavy Shovel

  • I am grateful for naps.
  • I am grateful to myself for letting go of heavy weight.
  • I am grateful for long bike rides.

I woke at 1am and read “You Can Heal Your Life” until 3am. I woke again at 7am. Angel was awake and all smiles. I got up and drank a young coconut water and started a load of diapers in the wash. Then I had a bm, dry brushed and cold showered. I was super hungry. I pulled bananas out of the freezer, picked some mint and made 2 big bowls of banana mint ice cream. My roommate Alice ate one bowl and I shared the other with Angel. I sat in the morning sun while I ate. It was heavenly and I was happy that my tummy felt satisfied again.

Angel played while I hung diapers on the line. Then I took the car to the shop to get worked on. The engine randomly dies when I come to a stop. So I wanted that figured out and an oil change.

I was given a ride home and when I arrived Alice was cleaning out my refrigerator. I was very happy about that. She found random peppers going bad that I had forgotten about so I cut them up and put them in the dehydrator. I nursed Angel, put her in the backpack and rode my bicycle to story time at the library. Angel was the only one there so she got her own unique story time, which mostly consisted of songs and dancing because she didn’t want to sit still and listen to a story.

After story time was over, we rode to the second hand store. We found some shelves for the bathroom, sandals and a puzzle. When I got home I put up the shelves right away. Now Alice had space to put her stuff and I was able to create more counter space.

I blended up a really big watermelon and drank half of it. Then I nursed Angel to sleep and we took and hour long nap. I slept deeply. When I woke up I nursed Angel again and drank the other half of my watermelon juice. It was already past 2pm when I usually try to stop eating for the day and it was almost 3pm. I chugged down the last of my watermelon juice to be finished eating by 3pm and I was so full it hurt and my tummy looked like a watermelon. Silly me! I am so funny sometimes. I could have drank it slower. What difference would 15 minutes have made?! Lol. I bagged up sun dried tomatoes and got an order ready to send out

I went outside to work in the yard. Plumbers had come and fixed my bathtub drain yesterday. Well I noticed they dug a hole next to the house and moved pallets into the middle of the yard and didn’t clean up. I was a little bit irritated about having a mess to clean up as I searched for my shovel. I remember exactly where I had left it but it wasn’t there. I looked all around the house and yard but it was no where to be found.

Maybe the plumber took it. I sent the plumber a text asking him. He said he would check. Then he informed me that he did have it. He had come from Tyler which is 2 hours away. So he said the only thing he could do is bring it back to me next time he had a job in my area. I was really mad about him taking my shovel. I used my shovel all the time and I didn’t want to wait for days or weeks to get my shovel back. I could’nt even respond to him because I knew I wouldn’t say anything nice. I was so freaking mad. I would have to buy another one.

I went out in the yard and weeded my flower bed. Then I put fresh mulch in it as well as around all my trees. The whole time I was weeding I kept thinking about how angry I was about that shovel. I just kept feeding the fire and feeding the fire. Angel played in the dirt, happy as ever.

I realized that it was 4:30pm and I needed to get to the post office to mail and order before 5pm. Angel was hungry so I quickly fed her some blended up bananas. Then I rode to the post office as fast as I could. I got there 10 minutes to 5 and they were closed. What?!?! Now I was even more angry. Plus I hadn’t heard anything about my car and they were closing soon. I called the car repair shop and they said my car was finished. Well good! I said I would be right there.

On the ride there I started thinking about the shovel again. I started to calm myself down. It was just a shovel after all. This was totally a first world thing to get all worked up about. If someone needed a shovel I would have been happy to give them my shovel. I don’t know if the plumber needed one or not. It doesn’t matter. What matters is accepting what is and the shovel was not mine at the moment. The universe placed it with someone else and that really is none of my business how or why it got there. I decided then and there..that shovel i had been carrying around half the day was too darn heavy. I needed to let it go. So I did just that. I wished it happiness and usefulness wherever it might be. Besides now I would get to buy a new and improved shovel. Woohoo!! I was finally able to text the plumber back and I told him that he had a new used shovel and to keep it. He said he would get it to me. If he does than it can be mine again for a while. If he doesn’t than its not meant to be mine again.

At the car repair shop they couldn’t find a thing wrong with my car but did the oil change. I assured them that it was dying half of the time when I stop but of course it didn’t do that for them! Lol.

I paid them and said I would get my car later. I rode to the store. I bought a nectarine and fig tree and a blackberry bush and also a bunch of household stuff. On the ride home I realized that I had forgotten to buy a new shovel. Luckily a tractor supply store was just ahead. I bought a nice good quality shovel and was delighted to have it.

The ride home was a blast. I loved that everyone could see my new trees in the bike trailer. When I arrived home I fed Angel half an avocado. Then I gathered Savana, her boyfriend Tyler and Alice outside to see my new trees, so they could welcome them into the family. Then I planted them….with my new amazing shovel!!

I went inside and bagged up banana chips for an order I need to send out tomorrow. Angel and I took a bath, read 2 pages of a story and she nursed. She didn’t fall asleep right away and was a little fussy but fell asleep after a few minutes.

Thank you for reading my blog

good night


Gratitudes and blog: The Luxury Life: April 26, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: The Luxury Life!

  • I am grateful for farmers markets.
  • I am grateful for a strong body.
  • I am grateful for detox.

I woke at 5:18am. I wanted to sleep longer. I had eaten foods that didn’t make me feel vibrant the day before…so I didn’t feel vibrant. I had also eaten in the evening instead of no later than 2pm like I had been doing. 😉 I felt puffy and sluggish.

I nursed Angel and we got up. I went in the kitchen and bagged up kale chips. Savana Storm got up to go to school, then she decided to take the day off. She helped me finish getting ready and got Angel dressed. I drank one young coconut water and made cucumber, celery, apple and lemon juice. Then I made a mango fresh squeezed oj smoothie. I had a banana, lettuce, coconut water and strawberry smoothie left over from yesterday. I packed everything and the baby into the car and drove to the greenhouse. I loaded up the produce and headed to the farmers market. I listened to a new audiobook. I had a little bit of brain fog and I had trouble paying attention to the story line. I accepted that and felt happy and content. I drank my green juice and Angel fell asleep after drinking a cup of fresh squeezed oj.

The farmers market was very busy. I sold out of tomatoes the first hour. It was a blast being that busy. After the morning rush than things slowed down. I drank my banana smoothie. My Aunt and Uncle stopped by and said hello to me before leaving town. They had came to see me last night and I really enjoyed their company. It was so nice of them to include me in their travel route :) I love having people come visit. Angel was awake by then and they carried her around the market with them for a while, which she loved.

When the market was over I ate some lettuce and 3 sample tomatoes I had saved. Then I went to Sprout’s and bought some cucumbers and celery before going to George’s. At George’s I drank my mango smoothie. Angel fell asleep again. I cleaned the kitchen and did handstands out back since I didn’t get any in that morning. George wanted to go to a red box and get some movies. I was a little bit irritated about that since I didn’t want to wake Angel up. She stayed asleep though when I transferred her into the car seat. George got his red box and wanted to go on a walk when we got home. I still didn’t want to wake up Angel so I carried her around the block in her car seat. I started to feel irritated again because it wasn’t easy carrying the car seat, but then i thought about what a great workout it was. I felt so grateful to have a strong body to be able to do physical challenges that weren’t easy.

After our walk I headed for home. Angel slept the whole ride home and I listened to my audiobook again. I really enjoyed the book this time, my mind was much clearer than it had been this morning. When I got into town I put fuel in the car, unloaded the car at the greenhouse and drove home.

When I walked in the door of my house I was delighted. The house sparkled…it was so clean. I have a new roommate that moved here on Saturday. Her name is Alice. She is paying partial rent and helping me around the house. She has been absolutely wonderful to have here. I make a mess in the kitchen and Alice swoops in and cleans it up. I start a load of laundry and she has it hung on the line before I even realize that washing machine has stopped. I come home from work and all the laundry is neatly folded and ready to be put away. I am in totally living the luxury life!! I feel so blessed to have Alice here helping me. I have a friend in Houston who has a lady that helps her with her daily house chores. When I was visiting her a few months ago, I decided that I wanted that in my life as well. Ask and it is given! My life just gets more and more amazing!

I settled in at home, then I cut up a bunch of tomatoes and bananas to dry. Angel was very happy to be home. She played and ate some mango. Then I sat and talked with Alice for an hour or so…sharing stories of our past. I really enjoyed learning more about her. She is such a mellow, soft hearted and kind person. I see us being great roommates together.

Alice went to her room and I wrote my blog. Angel played some more. She is so fun to watch. I love watching her figure things out and be totally content in her zone.

We are going to take a bath and read stories.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night.




Gratitudes: April 25, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for a fun visits from my aunt and uncle.
  • I am grateful to myself for going with the flow.
  • I am grateful for kids.

Gratitudes: April 24, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for wonderful help around the house from my new roommate Alice.
  • I am grateful to myself for not pushing myself and enjoying a slow moving day.
  • I am grateful for my church community.

Gratitudes and blog: Friends!!!: April 23, 2016

April 23, 2016

Today’s gratitudes and blog: Friends!!!

  • I am grateful for a delightful day of getting together with Facebook friends in real life.
  • I am grateful to myself for being open to connect.
  • I am grateful for a new roommate.

I woke at 5:30am. I nursed Angel, did handstands, dry brushed and took a cold shower. I juiced 2 cucumbers, celery and lemon, then made a banana, coconut water, lettuce, strawberry smoothie. I drank one coconut water and loaded up the car. I drove to the greenhouse and packed the car with produce for the farmers market. I drove to the farmers market. On the drive Angel slept, I drank my juice and listened to my audiobook. It is such a good book. I didn’t want to arrive at the market, I wanted to keep listening to my book. I did arrive though but first I stopped at the nearby HEB and bought fresh squeezed oj, strawberries and a watermelon. I used the bathroom and had a satisfying bm while I was there. I was glad it happened before I went to the market.

It was a gorgeous day at the market. I was very busy. I managed to drink my banana smoothie in between helping customers. I sold out of kale chips and tomatoes. My Facebook friend Stephanie stopped by with her lovely family and said hello. I felt so honored for her to take time out to come visit me and it was delightful meeting her. How fun! I was getting hungry so I at a large tomato and a few cashews. Angel ate some mango and nursed twice.

When the market was over my friend Peggy took the leftover produce back to Rockdale for me so I could pick up my friend and new roommate at the airport later on. I drove to Juiceland to meet more Facebook friends that I hadn’t met before. We all had a wonderful time together. I enjoyed the amazing talks we had about overcoming health issues and praising each other for our incredible accomplishments in life. My heart was overflowing with warm fuzzies :) :) :) I drank a green juice, a pineapple juice, mango and spinach smoothie and ate a salad. Angel had a mango, oj smoothie and nursed.

I left the juice party and drove to the airport to pick up my friend Alice. It was great to finally meet her. So many Facebook friends I got the privilege to meet in one day. Absolutely fabulous!! I loved getting to know her more on the drive home. I think we will be excellent roommates.

We arrived home and Savana was getting ready for prom. I helped her curl her hair. She looked so pretty! She left with her boyfriend to get pictures taken and I went to the store with Alice and Angel. At the store I bought mangos…they were on sale for 38 cents each!! woo hoo. I also bought kale, lemons, apples and tangelos.

Back at home I put the groceries away and reorganized my kitchen so Alice would have room for her stuff. I helped Alice get settled in and sat down to write my blog. Alice played with Angel and fed her cucumber. She loved it! I hadn’t given her cucumber before because I didn’t think she would like it. That’s what happens when I believe a thought! lol.

It is late, Angel and I are going to take a bath, read stories and go to bed.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night.


April 22, 2016

Today’s gratitudes and blog: A Day on the Bicycle

  • I am grateful for beautiful days on my bicycle.
  • I am grateful to myself for taking a nap.
  • I am grateful for contrast.

I woke up from 2am to 4am. I finished reading “Quantum Eating”. It is such a good book. I’m going to read it again. I know I only absorbed half of the information if even that much. I woke again at 7am. I still am not showering because I want to make sure the caulk in the bathtub is extra dry. I did handstands, drank one young coconut water and made a mango fresh squeezed mandarin juice smoothie.

I started a load of diapers, had a good bm, fed Angel half an avocado, nursed her and was out the door on my bicycle. It was a beautiful sunny morning and the ride was heavenly. At one point I looked down at my legs. When did they get so small? I have dropped the last few leftover pregnancy pounds and then some. All from not eating after 2pm and cutting way back on my overt fat intake. I am still keeping my calories up though.

When I got to the greenhouse I harvested for the local deliveries and drank my smoothie. Angel fell asleep in her backpack while I harvested. There was the perfect amount of deliveries to fit into my bicycle trailer. I was really excited to be doing my deliveries by bicycle on such a beautiful day. Off I went up and down the hills. I enjoy doing the deliveries, it one of my favorite things to do. The people in this town are so happy and fun to talk to. Angel woke up and enjoyed socializing with everyone as well. On one of my deliveries they had a tiny baby kitten that they found abandoned, it was so adorable. They were bottle feeding it, while I was there than the animal control officer stopped by to bring them some cat food. I had seen him around town a lot but had never gotten to meet him until now. At another delivery they talked to me about how amazing their homemade salsa was using the tomatoes they buy from me. I loved that!!

As I was finishing the deliveries I was starting to get hungry and cranky. Angel kept pulling her helmet off and I kept stopping to put it back on her. I was getting so mad. I knew I was being silly and just needed to eat. When passing a mexican restaurant I decided I would stop and have some guacamole. That would fix me right up! It has been a long time since I’d been in a restaurant and I immediately wished I hadn’t have come. I stayed and ordered guacamole (making sure it was fresh made) and an avocado salad. Angel had some of the guacamole and I ate that as well as almost the whole salad of avocado, tomato and iceberg lettuce. When I finished I was full, full, full. Oh my! I ate too much!

I rode home and dozed on the couch while Angel played next to me. I hadn’t had overt fats in a few days and I had way over done it. I napped for about 20 minutes. When I woke up I nursed Angel and then the thirst hit me. I was so incredibly thirsty! What the what? Then it hit me….salt! Of course the restaurant guacamole would have salt. I got up, juiced 2 english cucumbers and a lemon. I drank it down…ahhh…so yummy…but my tummy was still so full and now it was full with juice on top. I was very uncomfortable but I reminded myself that it would pass soon.

I put Angel in the backpack, put her car seat in the bike trailer and rode to the greenhouse. I felt so hot…too hot…damn that salt! I decided to ignore feeling hot and enjoy myself. So I did just that. At the greenhouse I was pouring sweat and I was thankful my body was working efficiently to cool me off. I harvested for the farmers market tomorrow. My hired help was there and I put him to work watering and helping me harvest. When I was finished I rode home. I left Angel with Savana to watch and bring home later with her boyfriend.

My friend Lonnie came over and we hung out for a while. It was good to see him and he is always lots of fun. He left and I started having intense food cravings. I wanted to eat veggie nuggets and french fries. Seriously?! I laughed at my silly thoughts and drank a young coconut water. Savana brought Angel back. She nursed and ate a mango. Then she played while I sat and wrote my blog. She is starting to be get tired and fussy. We are going to take a bath, read stories and go to bed.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night.




Gratitudes and blog: Mangosteen and Feijoa are Coming to Town

  • I am grateful for half rainy and half sunny days (my favorite!).
  • I am grateful to myself for practicing hand stands.
  • I am grateful for mangos.

I woke at 1:30am. I read and Angel woke up…and we played until 5am. Then we woke again at 8am. to thunder and pouring rain. It is my day off and I basked in the luxury of sleeping in. I got up and decided that now was a good time to re-caulk the bathtub. The bathtub had been needing it for a while and with all the rain, fire ants had been coming in around the broken caulk. I did a very unprofessional job and was proud of myself.

No cold shower today…so I did handstands, had a good bm and got busy in the kitchen. I blended up a watermelon and made a 64oz. mango fresh squeezed oj smoothie. Angel had a cut up mango. Then I made 6 trays of kale chips and 2 trays of fruit leather. Wow…it was 11am already! I drank half of my blended watermelon, nursed Angel and drove to the grocery store.

At the grocery store I got my case of young coconuts. The produce manager was very excited to see me. He told me to wait and he wanted to show me something. He came out of the stock room with 2 pieces of paper. One was a picture of a mangosteen and the other was a picture of a fruit from Brazil called feijoa. He was really excited and said that he had ordered them and they were coming in next week. I told him I knew what the mangosteen was and that it was delicious. I said I had never tried the other one. He said that when they come in he will call me and I can come in. He will open one up and we will have a tasting party. Yes!!!! How cool is that?! Life is getting pretty exotic here in small town texas. Haha

When I went out to the car I received a call from George’s girlfriend Peggy. She wanted to know if I could come to work today and take tomorrow off. I thought for a minute. I have to work at the greenhouse tomorrow so it wouldn’t be an official day off but it would be nice to not have a crazy busy friday. Plus I could listen to my audiobook that I’m really enjoying on the drive there and back. It felt good to go in so I said yes. I drove home and dropped off the groceries, had another large bm, then I drove to George’s. I listened to my audiobook on the drive and thoroughly enjoyed it. The sun had come out and everything was vibrant green. Angel slept and I purred with joy the whole way to George’s house. I drank my other half of the blended watermelon.

At George’s, Angel slept a while longer. I drank my mango oj smoothie and had a 3rd large bm. Yay! This not eating after 2pm is freaking amazing! My digestion and elimination have greatly approved. George wanted to go for a walk, so I woke Angel up and nursed her. We all went for a walk around the block. Angel got to ride on my shoulders, which she loves. George held Angel and played with her until it was time to go.

On the drive home I listened to my audiobook again. Angel ate some mango. When I arrived home I relaxed in the rocking chair and wrote my blog while Angel played with Savana. Angel adores her sister and had a lot of fun.

We will not be taking a bath tonight because I want to make sure the caulk around the bathtub gets nice and dry. So we might rinse off outside since it is warm and sunny. Then read stories and go to bed early.




Gratitudes and blog: Fairy Tale Land: April 20, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Fairy Tale Land

  • I am grateful for full fulfilling days.
  • I am grateful to myself for living in the moment.
  • I am grateful for feeling amazing.

I woke at 6am. It was pouring rain. Savana Storm was up and I asked if she wanted me to give her a ride to school so she wouldn’t have to wait for the bus in the rain. She said that would be good but she has to be at school at 7:30am. That meant I needed to hurry. It usually takes me 2 hours to get ready in the mornings. Savana got Angel dressed for me. I made 128oz of blended watermelon (one melon) and I made 64oz. mango fresh squeezed oj smoothie. I had left over jackfruit, dates, banana, lettuce from yesterday and I packed that up too. I poured fresh squeezed oj in a sippy cup for Angel and cut up a mango to take with us. I was feeling amazing! This not eating after 2pm that I’ve been doing for 14 days now is awesome. I feel so incredibly good. It’s like a high that doesn’t have negative consequences.

I started a load of diapers in the wash, did a handstand, had a bm, dry brushed and took a cold shower. I folded and mostly put away 4 loads of laundry I had gotten behind on. Then it was time to go. I loaded up boxes of dehydrated goodies to send out and the recycling to drop off. I dropped off Savana Storm at school. Then I went to the grocery store. I bought a case of mango’s and some kale. It was fun talking to people I know while I was shopping. Angel had a blast being miss social smiley baby. Next I dropped off the recycling and went to the post office. I drove home and took the groceries inside and put them away, then I drove to the greenhouse.

I got a lot done at the greenhouse. I organized, propagated a bunch of seeds and tied up tomatoes. Angel hung out in the backpack and I drank 64oz of watermelon juice. When I left the greenhouse I drove to George’s. On the drive I drank my other 64oz watermelon juice and listened to an audiobook. I am loving this audiobook. It is much better than the last one. It is called “Kitchen House”. Angel drank some of her OJ and fell asleep.

At George’s I took him to an appointment. Angel and I hung out in the tranquility room. I did more handstands, nursed Angel and she ate her mango. I felt so content and peaceful. I sat in a chair by the window in the sun and purred. I thought about doing some yoga and stretching but decided that it was ok for me to stay in the chair and just be…so I did just that, I drank my mango oj smoothie while I watched Angel play. She is so cute!

I took George home, changed Angel and ate some of my jackfruit pudding. Angel ate some too and loved it. Then I headed back to my town. Angel fell asleep on the drive and I listened to my audiobook again. I had extra time so I took some backroads and basked in the beauty of the color green. With all the rain and flooding we’ve had around here lately everything was vibrant green with flowers mixed in. I loved seeing the country houses with their porches and flowers and beautiful yards. It was a heavenly drive. I felt like a was floating through fairy tale land.

I arrived back in my town right on time. I drove to my friend Pastor Pam’s to clean her house. I talked to her while I nursed Angel, then she left with Oliver the dog and I got to work cleaning with Angel in the backpack. I listened to my audiobook while I cleaned and had a wonderful time. I love making things beautiful. I did a really good job and go finished right in time to go to Wednesday night prayer. The church was only across the alley, so I walked over and enjoyed the prayer service. When it was over I talked with other members for a few minutes while I nursed Angel.Then we went home.

 At home I relaxed in the rocking chair and wrote my blog while Angel played on the floor. We are going to take a bath, read stories and go to bed. It was a delightful day!

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night


Gratitudes: April 19, 2016

April 19, 2016


  • I am grateful for baby snuggles.
  • I am grateful to myself for determination.
  • I am grateful for sunshine.