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Gratitudes: June 26, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for yummy lettuce.
  • I am grateful to myself for listening to Byron Katie when I am struggling.
  • I am grateful for waking up everyday to birds singing.

Taking Care of Myself: Gratitudes and blog: June 24, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Taking Care of Myself

  • I am grateful for baby smiles.
  • I am grateful to myself for kindly standing firm on doing what is best for me and my family.
  • I am grateful for abundance.

I woke at 5:30am. I meditated for a half hour, got dressed and headed to the greenhouse with  sleeping Angel and barely awake Savana Storm. Savana decided to come with me early so she wouldn’t have to go later on to do the watering. I brought a banana, mango, strawberry smoothie I had left over from yesterday.

At the greenhouse I harvested for the farmers market tomorrow and for my home deliveries. I am excited that the cooler is now working at the greenhouse so everything I harvest will stay nice and cool. As I was leaving to go do deliveries I saw I had a missed call from George’s girlfriend. I called her back and she wanted to know if I could come take care of George today instead of tomorrow because George really misses us. I told her that we miss George too but that I wouldn’t be able to come in today. That I could only come tomorrow after I do the farmers market. I could tell she was not happy with that but I did not feel guilty about it. The decision to not make extra 2 hour drives to Round Rock and back every week is one that feels way to good to ignore how right it is for me. I am standing firm on only working for George on Saturday and Tuesday when I am already driving that way for the farmers markets. I understand this will be difficult for them. I’m know without a doubt that doing what feels right for me is when everything works out for all those involved. So I’m excited to see what wonderful things will come about from this.

I left to do my deliveries and loved every minute of it. I dropped Savana Storm off at home in the middle of them when I was passing by the house. I drank my smoothie inbetween deliveries.

When I finished with deliveries I went to the grocery store and the produce manager had bags of fruit marked down for me. Then I went and bought items needed for my new tiny house and to get my old room ready to rent out.

I came home and Angel took a nap. I juiced a bunch of apples from my marked down produce. Then I juiced tomatoes and peppers for fresh tomato juice…yummy! Then I made a huge batch of guacamole from the overripe avocados. Yay!! I love discounted food and I love not driving to Round Rock all the time so now I have time to take care of things around the house and make batches of fresh juice.

When I finished in the kitchen, I started getting my old room set up for guests. I had picked out and bought torquise and baby blue curtains and lamp shade to match a comforter and bed skirt that I had gotten a while back. I got the room put together with the help of Alice and Savana and Angel. Angel helped by getting in the way and undecorating..lol. When that was finished I got to work getting my tiny house put together more.

I decided we needed to take a break and go swimming. I made some banana, blueberry nice cream and shared with Angel. Then we headed to the pool. We swam for 2 hours until the pool closed at 6pm. Angel had a blast as always. Tyler and Christian showed up, (Savana’s boyfriend and his best friend).  We left the pool and went to eat. I had guacamole and salad and Angel had guacamole.

We came home and I worked on my tiny house some more until bedtime. Angel nursed to sleep and I went to sleep shortly after 9pm.

Thank you for reading my blog.



Gratitudes: June 23, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful that my outside bedroom made out of pallets is completed.
  • I am grateful to myself for having fun.
  • I am grateful to Savana Storm for going swimming with us and helping me move things to my new bedroom.


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Flying with a Fussy Baby.

  • I am grateful to Rebecca for picking me up from the airport, hydrating me and sharing her durian.
  • I am grateful to myself for reducing my work and commute time.
  • I am grateful for my home.

I woke up at 3:30am. There was a message on my phone saying that my flight was canceled. I woke up my aunt because she’s the one who purchased the flight with her rewards. She called and they said to call back in an hour to get on another flight. We had gotten a hotel near the airport the night before because both my aunt and I were flying out early. She was flying to Idaho and I was flying to Texas.

My aunt left for her flight and I waited an hour to call back. Angel had been awake but nursed back to sleep. I read until it was time to call back and I got on a 9:55am flight. So that gave me 4 hours. I tried sleeping a little but that didn’t work so I took a shuttle to the airport. We got there 3 hours before my flight so I took my time. We got our tickets and went through security. As I was walking to my gate I saw a Jamba Juice so I ordered a large fresh squeezed oj and pineapple smoothie. I shared it with Angel.

I walked around for a couple hours until it was time to get on the flight. The flight was packed full. Angel was nursing and fell asleep. I tried adjusting her as we were taking off and she woke right up. The whole flight she fussed and screamed because she didn’t want to be sitting on my lap. I was super tired and had drank some tomato juice which made me feel sick. I read to her and played with her toys and kept nursing her and giving her juice but she wanted only to get down and run around. I was so glad when the flight was over. Next flight I am buying her a seat so she can be in her car seat. She is used to having to stay in that.

Angel promptly fell asleep in the backpack as I was going to get our luggage. I got the luggage and Rebecca was right outside waiting for me. Yay!! On the drive to her house I hydrated on grapes and started to feel better. At her house I drank 2 young coconut waters and a large glass of fresh squeezed oj and 3/4 of a small durian that I shared with Angel who was now awake again. I felt back to my normal self!

The drive home was a lot of fun. Angel slept a little. I listened to fun music and enjoyed the scenery. I stopped at a grocery store on the drive and stocked up on fruit.

I got home and nursed Angel. Alice unloaded most of the car for me and put groceries away, which was so helpful. Savana came home and I talked with her and Alice for a while and ate some banana nice cream. Angel was happy to be home. She ate some nice cream and played with her toys.

I called George’s girlfriend and told her I could only take care of George on the days I did the market in Round Rock, 2 days a week. I assured her I was very grateful for the job and that I truly loved and cared about George but that I had been doing too much and I needed to take care of myself. She understood and we are both on the lookout for a good person to fill in taking care of George the other days of the week.

I was so excited when I got off the phone. I will only be driving to Round Rock 2 days a week!! Woohoo! Now I can focus on the greenhouse more and have more time to play and do things I love to do. I called Rebecca and told her my happy news. Then I called my mom and told her.

Angel took a bath and I took a cold shower. We went to bed and I nursed Angel. She didn’t fall asleep right away. I read until she did and then I immediately fell asleep and slept deeply.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Gratitudes: June 21, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for relaxation days.
  • I am grateful to myself for taking great care of me.
  • I am grateful to my aunt and uncle for the wonderful vacation.
  • I am grateful for watching Angel learn and explore.


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Hanging Out in the Mountains

  • I am grateful for fresh mountain air.
  • I am grateful to myself for appreciating what I have.
  • I am grateful for the sound of running water.

I woke at 6am. I had slept deep and hard through the night. Only waking up briefly to nurse Angel. I woke up to the sound of the river coming through my open window. I laid there and basked in that sound for a while before opening my eyes. I had a delicious warm fuzzy feeling.

Angel woke up, so I opened my eyes and greeted her. She had also slept well which was a nice break from her fussy nights lately. We got up. I had a bm and took an official cold shower, not a Texas cold shower. We got dressed and went downstairs.

I was cold cold cold. I had some warm tea to try to warm me up, put on socks and long sleeves. Finally I decided to get into the hot tub. I’m on vacation and its pampering time. The hot tub did the trick. I was no longer cold. I was comfortably warm.

I came back in and fed Angel half a banana. I let her explore outside for a while. Then I sat on the porch and let her nurse. She fell asleep, so I called my friend Corrine and talked to her while I ate half of a large watermelon.

I relaxed in the sun for a while. When Angel woke up my aunt and I went on a hike for about an hour. It was so beautiful and fun. Angel and I had a great time. Singing and looking at all the incredible scenery. I chewed on some fresh grass and thistle along the path. The grass was super sweet and the thistle was spicy.

When we got back it started to rain and the temperature dropped. I made a banana strawberry smoothie and back into the hot tub I went. I laid there letting the rain fall on my face and fell asleep. I woke up too hot. I came in and asked my aunt if she could still watch Angel while I laid down. She was fine with that. I went to my room and slept hard for about an hour or so. I awoke and came downstairs. Angel was sleeping on my aunt. It was so adorable.

I woke her up to nurse her. Then we all went to town and ate an early dinner. I had guacamole and salsa and chips and beans for dinner. My plan was to just have guacamole but that didn’t happen. My tummy hurts and my joints started aching but that will clear up tomorrow. I enjoyed the dinner conversations and Angel was being very cute at the restaurant.

We got back home and I got in the hot tub again with Angel. I was having her practice doing back floats which she does not like but she is getting better at them. We got out and I sat on the porch while Angel played. Then she nursed and I called me mom.

When I got off the phone I relaxed in the tv room and finished writing my blog while Angel ran around, played and drank some smoothie. We will be going to bed soon.

Thank you for reading my blog

good night


Traveling Adventures: Gratitudes and blog: June 19, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Traveling Adventures

  • I am grateful to spend time with Trace and Tayson.
  • I am grateful to myself for liking who I am.
  • I am grateful to my aunt for providing this short vacation.

I woke at 3:30am. I got up and got ready to go to the airport. I fed Angel half an avocado and I drank one coconut water. Rebecca and Cory took us to the airport. I enjoyed the wonderful early morning conversations.

Everything went very smoothly at the airport. When we got past security I sat down at a cafe next to our gate and had an order of guacamole and Angel had oj. When we finished Angel ran all around exploring and interacting with people.

When we settled onto the airplane Angel immediately nursed to sleep. Nice! I took a small half hour nap and read the rest of the 2 hour flight. Angel slept the whole time until right before we landed. I nursed her again as we landed.

Trace, Angel’s dad picked us up from the airport. We had so much fun spending the afternoon together. We went to the grocery store. I bought a bunch of raspberries that I ate and shared with Angel. Then we rode his longboard at a park and climbed trees. Next we went to a farmers market and met my aunt there. We got smoothies (I got 2 large) and did some shopping. It was a blast goofing around and playing with kids.

We said our goodbyes to Trace and Tayson. Then went with my aunt to her place “happy thought farm” in the Rocky Mountains. It was a lovely drive and Angel slept. At my aunts we unloaded the car and I ate a bunch of cantaloupe and watermelon and strawberries. Angel ate watermelon and strawberries. I did not do my dry fast after 4pm. I took a break but stuck to all fresh quickly digested fruit.

It was so lovely at my aunts. My uncle walked me around the property.

Then i went for a dip in the ice cold creek.

I went in the hot tub after my first dip. My aunt and Angel were in there. Then after my second ice cold dip in the video I just dried off and put on my pj’s. I feel so good after that!!

I sat in the front room and wrote my blog until Angel got fussy. We went to bed and Angel is nursing but not falling asleep.

Thank you for reading my blog

good night



Today’s gratitudes and blog: The Negative Thought Dissapearing Game.

  • I am grateful for a lovely evening walk and fun at the park with Angel baby.
  •  I am grateful to myself for eating lots of watermelon.
  •  I’m grateful to be on vacation again.

I woke up at 6 AM. I was very tired, Angel had cried a lot in the night. I’m not sure what is going on with her.  I got up and did my usual morning routine.  For my food I blended up half of a watermelon and made a banana raspberry smoothie. Angel nursed and ate some watermelon. I bagged up a bunch of bananas to freeze so I can make lots of banana nice cream this summer.  I did a load of laundry and hung it on the line.  Then loaded up the car and headed to the greenhouse.

At the greenhouse I got everything I needed for the farmers market and drove downtown. There is a market in my town today that I wanted to try instead of going all the way to Round Rock. The market went really well and I had a blast talking to people because most of them I already knew. Angel was in the backpack most of the time, then I switched her to the stroller.  She got a little fussy at the end otherwise she did fantastic. I drank my watermelon at the beginning of the market and my banana smoothie in the middle. When the market was over I ate a bad of kale chips. Angel nursed once and drank watermelon juice during the market.

When the market was over, I unloaded at the greenhouse and nursed Angel. Then I went home and packed the car for vacation. I said goodbye to Savana and headed to Houston. It was a 2 hour drive and absolutely beautiful. The 2 highways that I took were very scenic with light traffic. Angel slept the whole drive and I listened to fun music. I loved looking at the different towns and houses along the way. I practiced questioning my thoughts while I drove. If a negative or judgemental thought came up then I questioned it and poof it disappeared as soon as I changed my belief about it. It was so fun playing the negative thought disappearing game. I ate a little bit of watermelon and then stopped eating at 4pm.

I arrived at Rebecca’s house in Houston. I unloaded the car and talked with her and Cory a bit before they left to go on a date. I went on a walk with Angel in her backpack. I walked 2 1/2 hours and it was amazing. The temperature had dropped and there was a nice breeze. I stopped at 2 parks and let Angel run and play since she hadn’t gotten to very much today.

We got back to Rebecca’s and took a cold shower. Then we got into bed and Angel is nursing but not falling asleep yet. As soon as she does I am going to zonk out.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good Night



Gratitudes: June 17, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful Savana Storm was able to get her drivers permit.
  • I am grateful to myself for breathing deeply.
  • I am grateful for the color green.


Today’s gratitudes and blog: 2nd Attempt at Getting Savana Storm’s Driving Permit

  • I am grateful for wind on hot days.
  • I am grateful to myself for giving without conditions.
  • I am grateful for another chance to spend time with Savana Storm.

I went to sleep late again, 11pm. I woke up at 6am. I laid in bed with my eyes closed for a few minutes smelling the air and listening to the birds. There were many different types of birds singing. I loved listening to their music.

I got up, had a bm, dry brushed, did handstands, took a cold shower, put on coconut oil and got dressed. All in that order 😊

Angel woke up and drank some watermelon juice. I started a load of laundry, ate peaches outside with Angel and watered all my plants and trees. I bagged up a whole bunch of fruity roll ups that were finished dehydrating. I had all kinds of new flavors I made. I ran out of bags so I got Angel dressed and we went to the store. I bought what I needed and went to the greenhouse. I worked for a short while at the greenhouse and nursed Angel. Then I came back home and finished bagging the fruity roll ups and made a batch of my spicy fruity roll ups. I blended up half of a large watermelon and got ready to leave.

I headed to work early, drinking my blended watermelon and Angel asleep after drinking hers. I had Savana with me so we could stop and get her driving permit on the way. This is our second attempt at this in the same week. We got to the dmv and stood in line. When it was our turn the lady said Savana’s drivers Ed certificate from her school counselor wasn’t signed properly and wrote void across it. Savana was stunned..lol…she said that the school was closed and how would she get another one. The lady said we could bring in Savana’s report card. Well… I just happened to have it with me and whipped it out. She looked it over and said I needed my proof of address. I whipped out my utility bill and handed it out triumphantly. She took it and said it wouldn’t work because it needed the bottom part attached. I said, “you mean the part that I tear off and send in with the check”? She said yes. I informed her that none of my utility bills had that part because I paid all my bills. She said to get a copy of it when my next bill came. Well…she got me there! No driving permit for Savana today. I get to spend the day with her again tomorrow when we do our 3rd attempt at a driving permit. Yay! More time with Savana!

I finished driving to Round Rock and we went to lunch. I had salad and rice and Angel nursed. I dropped Savana off at the library and drove to George’s. George had me driving him around, going to the bank and to get his repaired amp from way far away. Angel slept most of that time. When we got back it was time to leave.

I went and picked up Savana and drove home. The drive was fun. Savana and I goofed around and enjoyed each other’s company. We had a great conversation about accepting what is and being in the now.

When I arrived at home, I nursed Angel and had a quick cold shower. Savana and Tyler watched Angel while I went to Andy’s to design and print out flyers. That went well. On the drive home I saw Savana and Tyler walking Angel in the stroller. I stopped and they said they were going to go on a walk and would be home in a while.

At home I sat and relaxed a little. I called my mom and talked to her a while. Then I called a friend and we had a wonderful conversation. The kids got back from their walk and I nursed Angel. Then we took a cold shower and she nursed again until she fell asleep.

Thank you for reading my blog

good night