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Gratitudes: October 24, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  •  I appreciate productive full days.
  • I appreciate the color yellow.
  • I appreciate Angel smiles.
  • I appreciate lovely fall weather.
  • I appreciate bananas 🍌.
  •  I appreciate fresh squeezed oj.
  • I appreciate playing with plants at the greenhouse.
  • I appreciate tomatoes 🍅.




A Pickup Truck!: Gratitudes and blog: October 23, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: A Pickup Truck!

  •  I appreciate that I waited and trusted that the right vehicle would come my way.
  • I appreciate live music.
  • I appreciate having so many fun and delightful friends.
  • I appreciate my amazing body.
  • I appreciate my church family.
  •  I appreciate pet/house sitting.
  • I appreciate my children.
  • I appreciate having many thriving businesses.
  • I appreciate abundance.

I woke at 6:30am. I had slept deeply and felt very well rested. I discovered that my monthly menstruation was starting and I was absolutely delighted about that. I love my cleansing time every month. I got up, dry brushed, put on coconut oil, got dressed and oil pulled. I went into the house and had a bm. Then I went back to the tiny house and Angel was just waking up. I made my bed and went into the house with Angel and nursed her. Then she ate bananas and raisins mashed up with a tiny bit of rolled oats. I sliced up a few bunches of bananas and put them in the dehydrator. I made a banana, fresh mint leaves, coconut water and cacao smoothies.

I put Angel in the stroller and walked to church. Cleaning the church was a lot of fun. I got behind things and felt so blessed to be chosen to make the church clean and beautiful. Angel played happily while I cleaned. People started showing up shortly after I finished cleaning. It was enjoyable to sit and talk with them and Angel was excited to play with kids.

Church service went really well. Angel did great and nursed once. The singing was especially fun. I was able to hear and sing the harmony with strength and confidence. After church I attended a bishops committee meeting. The meeting was fast and efficient. Angel played and was getting fussy and tired. She nursed once.

Savana came and picked us up from church just as the meeting was ending. She drove us to look at a pickup 20 miles away. As soon as we got there I knew instantly that I was going to buy the pickup. It was exactly what I’d been wanting. A small older truck with a stick shift that has been well maintained.


I bought the pickup. Savana left to go to work while I did the paperwork. Then I drove the pickup to Savana’s work. I ate a lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, guacamole and salsa taco. Angel had some corn chips.

After we ate I drove downtown and went to a bluegrass concert. Angel and I had a blast listening to the music. Angel ran around and danced and nursed 3 times. My friend Nick came during the 2nd half. When it was over we came to my house and talked for a bit. Then I remembered to go let out Oliver the dog. I am pet sitting until Wednesday. I let Oliver out then we went to Savana’s work again. I had another veggie taco and a pancake. Angel had some grits.

We had some great conversations and laughed a lot. I love to laugh! We came back to my place and talked while I jumped on the rebounder and practiced handstands.

Nick left to go home. Angel took a quick bath and I took a quick cold shower. Then we went to Olivers and played with him for a while before going to bed. Angel nursed to sleep and I will be joining her shortly.

Thank you for reading my blog. Good night. 😴💤

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Deep Breaths: Gratitudes and blog: October 22, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Deep Breaths

  •  I appreciate fun lunches with friends.
  • I appreciate friends helping me when I needing it.
  • I appreciate the tiny house.
  •  I appreciate peaceful drives.
  •  I appreciate handstands.
  • I appreciate breath.

I woke at 2:30am. I read and then listened to the night sounds. I was having a great time lying with my eyes closed and listening. Next thing I knew it was 5:30am and time to get up. I dry brushed, put on coconut oil, oil pulled, woke up Savana and dressed her. Then I made my bed and went into the house. John was already awake. He played with Angel while I made a banana, dragon fruit, cacao and coconut water smoothie.

We said goodbye to John who headed back to Corpus Christi today, then I drove Savana’s car to the greenhouse and loaded it for the farmers market. On the way to the farmers market I called on a pickup for sale that I saw online. It sounds like it is exactly what I want at a price I can pay.


I offered him $1,000 and he said $1,100. Excellent, I will go look at it tomorrow after church.  It is exactly what I’ve been wanting, especially with it being a 5 speed. I love driving stick shift. I am so glad I followed my intuition the other day with that car at the dealership. It wasn’t what I really wanted. Even though it was new and fancy, I don’t care about those things. I like paying cash and not having car payments. Speaking of cash, I realized that I couldn’t get cash out of my bank account to pay for the truck. My debit card was canceled when I noticed fraudulent charges on it. I am getting a new card sent to me but it will take 2 weeks. My bank is in Idaho so I can just go there. I called George’s girlfriend Peggy and asked if I could write her a check for cash and she agreed.

The rest of the drive to the farmers market I listened to Abraham Hicks. The market was slow today. I drank my smoothie and ate some banana chips and kale chips. Angel nursed 3 times and ate a bunch of banana chips. Peggy came by and got the check, then she came back later and brought cash. My friends Rebecca and Cory came by and hung out with me the last hour of the market. I practiced handstands and had fun conversations.

When the market was over, Rebecca and Cory helped me pack up and we met across the street at the grocery store. I got a case of zucchini, kale and juicing oranges along with some other yummy fruits and veggies. When I paid I wrote a check since I don’t have a debit card yet. My check was denied. They sent me to customer service. At customer service my check was still denied. I was getting really frustrated because I didn’t want to use my cash to pay because that was for the pickup. I knew I had more than enough money to cover the check. I was getting hungry and just wanted to pay for my food. Angel was also getting hungry and restless. They sent me to the phone to call a number. I couldn’t get the phone to work and finally someone helped me. On the phone the recording told me that my check was denied for an unknown reason and to find another form of payment. I was about to start throwing fruit and I was not accepting what is. Rebecca came around the corner and paid for my purchases. Yay Rebecca! I then wrote her a check. Now I was starting to calm down and reminded myself to breath deeply. Deep breaths…deep breaths.

We had lunch with Rebecca and Cory. I had dates and bananas. Angel had dates and nursed. She got really sticky and dirty. I had fun talking with my friends and being goofy while Angel ran around.

We said goodbye and headed to George’s. Angel instantly fell asleep in the car. At George’s I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry, took out trash and swept the front porch. Angel woke up and nursed. Then she ate fruit roll ups with George. I ate some kale and zucchini chips and had 16oz. fresh squeezed oj. Then I relaxed and watched TV with George and wrote most of my blog.

On the drive home from George’s I talked to my mom. When I arrived in town, I unloaded at the greenhouse and came home. The Airbnb guest called and his gps was having trouble with my address so he wanted me to meet him downtown in 50 minutes. I was tired but I figured I would still be up at that time. At home, the teenagers and Alice helped me unload the groceries and put them away. My friend Phil was here staying for a few days. We talked while Angel ate wet oats with banana. I sliced bananas and put them on trays for banana chips.

I put Angel in the bath and Phil went to bed. I was just getting Angel out of the tub when the Airbnb guest called and said he thought he was just down the road from me. I talked him to the house and showed him around. He left to get dinner.

I took a cold shower and went to bed with Angel. She is nursing and might possibly fall asleep.

Thank you for reading my blog. Good night 😴


A Great Workout: Gratitudes and blog: October 21, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: A Great Workout

  • I appreciate John helping me put in another raised bed in the greenhouse.
  • I appreciate my amazing body.
  • I appreciate knowing that my life is exactly how it is supposed to be always.
  • I appreciate adorable baby babbles.
  • I appreciate Alice watering the plants and trees around the house.
  • I appreciate Savana continuing to share her car with me.

I woke at 6:30am. I came into the house and had a bm. Then I went back out to the tiny house. Angel was just waking up. I nursed her, dry brushed, put on coconut oil, got dressed and made my bed. We came inside and Angel played with John while I made a banana, persimmon, coconut, celery, cucumber, coconut water and cacao smoothie. For breakfast I had some pomegranate tea, fresh squeezed oj and some smoothie. Angel and John had uncooked rolled oats and raisins.

After breakfast we all went to the greenhouse. I drove Savana’s car. John and Angel watered while I got everything ready for home deliveries. We went and did the deliveries and Angel fell asleep. When we got back to the greenhouse John and I spent 3 hours building a raised bed. It was so nice having help. Building raised beds is a lot of work. We dug a trench inside the edges of the bed to keep the water in. Then we got 4 wheelbarrows full of rock and sand from outside and shoveled it in. John did most of that. I did only one wheelbarrow full. I cut some plexiglass for the edges instead. Then we added soil on top and I put in the seeds. A few herbs, flowers, tomatoes and zucchini. Next we dug holes and planted the avocado tree, papaya tree, mango tree and banana plant into the ground. My greenhouse is starting to look so cool and my body felt awesome from having an amazing workout.

Angel 👼🏼 finally woke up and went to lunch at the pizza place and had salad bar. Angel had peaches and pineapple and she nursed. I had a big salad of lettuce, jalapeños, beets, broccoli and sunflower seeds. When we finished eating we walked to tractor supply and I bought a sprayer for the hose at home.

Back at my house we relaxed for a half hour or so. Angel nursed and I filled out the attendant sheet for Savana’s online school. Then we left again. We stopped by the church and I picked up the empty vases to fill them with flowers. We went to the store and bought some flowers.

Then we went back to the greenhouse. We released some lacewing eggs that had came in the mail and I got some more flowers. When we arrived back home I steamed some sweet potato, cauliflower, broccoli, squash and carrots. John planted mulberry tree out back. (Speaking of mulberries..I forgot to write in yesterday’s blog how we discovered a mulberry tree just down the road from me on our bicycle adventures. The tree was full of ripe mulberries…so freaking cool!). I put the flower arrangements in the vases. I think I did really good for the first time.


When I finished the flower arrangements I drove them to the church and put them in the fridge while John stayed with Angel.

When I got back home it was an hour past my 5pm eating cut off time. I decided to eat anyway since I was hungry. John and I ate the steamed veggies but Angel wouldn’t touch them. She didn’t want a banana or raisins. I figured maybe she was spoiled now from eating the oatmeal with John in the mornings. I made her uncooked oatmeal with smashed banana in it and she ate it right up.

After dinner Angel took a bath and I had a tummy ache from eating so late. When she finished, I took a cold shower. We said goodnight to John and went to bed. Angel nursed but didn’t go to sleep and is attempting to get into a box of baking soda at the moment. That could be a big mess!

Thank you for reading my blog. Good night 💤


Morning Affirmation



A Day On The Tandem: Gratitudes and blog: October 20, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: A Day On The Tandem

  • I appreciate John riding the tandem around with me all day and helping insulate the cracks in my tiny house and helping tune up the tandem to make it ridable again and pollinating tomatoes.
  • I appreciate days off.
  • I appreciate myself for following my intuition.
  • I appreciate beautiful weather.
  • I appreciate a clean house.

I woke at 6:30am. I nursed Angel, dry brushed, put on coconut oil and oil pulled. I came inside and had a bm. Angel was still asleep so I came back out to the tiny house and did handstands, Angel woke up a few minutes later. I made my bed and we went into the house. My friend John was waking up. He was sleeping on the floor in the living room by his choice. He’s like me and enjoys sleeping on the floor. I made John some oatmeal and made a banana, fresh picked mint and coconut water smoothie for me. We ate breakfast together. Angel sat with John and ate oatmeal with him.

I cleaned up breakfast and we went out back. We pulled the tandem out. The chain needed oil and put back on. We did that. Then John aired up the tires and replaced one of the tubes that was bad. While he did that I cleaned out the bicycle shed and organized it. It looks really nice now!

Finally the tandem was ready to ride. John put Angel on his back because he was in the back seat and had more space for her. I rode in the front and we were off. We went to the post office and I mailed off an order for my dehydrated products. Then we rode around sight seeing. I stopped and introduced John to my friend Collier. We finally ended up at the greenhouse. I showed John around and then he helped me pollinate the tomatoes. I nursed Angel and then we rode to the Chinese restaurant to get some lunch.

At the restaurant I had steamed brown rice and veggies and Angel had steamed rice. It was a very good meal and we had fun conversations. When we were done eating we walked to Tractor Supply and bought some spray insulation to seal the crack up in my tiny house since a cold front is coming in tonight. Then we rode to the grocery store and got a dragon fruit…John had never seen or had one before. We left the store and rode home. I took John the back way through the mini woods on the tandem just to show off my tandem steering skills…haha. John about had a heart attack but we sailed through :). Then I took him sight seeing some more around my side of town. Angel fell asleep in the backpack during the ride. While we were riding a received a call from the car dealership saying that I was approved for a loan on one particular car but denied on the rest. She said it was a 2015 Chevy Sonic with 37,000 miles on it. My payments would be $270 a month for 72 months. I told her I would be in to look at it in a couple of hours.

When we arrived home Angel woke up and nursed. My mom had sent a box of items to add to the shelf at the antique store. I opened it up and looked through it. Then John and I went out to the tiny house. John sprayed the cracks in the tiny house with the spray insulation while I put up mini blinds that I’ve been meaning to put up since it was built. John ran out of foam before we were finished. We loaded up the box for the antique store on the tandem along with Angel’s car seat and we were off riding again.

First we stopped at the antique store and I put the stuff my mom sent on the shelves. Then we rode to the car dealership. The car was very fancy pants. It was totally handsfree and everything could be done by bluetooth. The first thing I noticed is it had leather seats and instantly did not like that. I took it on a test drive and it ran great. On the way back I started to feel a slight headache coming on and was wondering if it was from the new car fumes. When we got back John inspected the outside of the car and noticed that the front bumper had been repainted and it hadn’t been sanded and paint was going to chip off really easily. We went inside and I told the car sales person that I didn’t want it. She seemed disappointed and I asked her to keep looking for me but this car wasn’t the one. I explained that I simply could not do leather seats. I can’t stand thinking of sitting on dead animals skin. I much prefer the feel of cloth seats. She said I could cover the seats and I just asked her to keep looking for me. My heart is not excited about this car and if I am going to pay almost $20,000, I want my heart to be in it fully.

We got back on the tandem and rode to the Tractor Supply store again. I bought more spray insulation and we rode home. When we arrived at home I made a big batch of banana and cacoa nice cream. Angel kept going back and forth between John and I getting bites. Her and John have bonded and have been having a great time together all day. When we finished dinner we finished spray insulating the tiny house cracks. Then we came inside and I wrote my blog while John checked his email.

Angel is going to take a bath and I am going to take a cold shower. Then we will be going to bed.

Thank you for reading my blog. Good night!



Morning Affirmation



A Friend Is Visiting: Gratitudes and blog: October 19, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: A Friend Is Visiting

  •  I appreciate my friend John coming to visit.
  • I appreciate taking a day off.
  • I appreciate rest.
  • I appreciate fun morning walks.
  • I appreciate late naps.
  • I appreciate Netflix.
  • I appreciate my dedication.
  • I appreciate yummy fruits and veggies.

I woke at 7am. I had been up in the night reading and would have enjoyed more sleep but Angel was wide awake and ready for the day. I nursed Angel, dry brushed, put on coconut oil, made my bed and oil pulled.

I went into the house with Angel and had a bm. I made a banana 🍌 and fresh orange 🍊 juice smoothie. Angel drank some of the smoothie. I drank some tea and a Kombucha. I jumped on the rebounder and practiced handstands and listened to John Kehoe on YouTube. Then Angel and I walked to the hardware store. I got a couple of keys made for the cooler and shop by the greenhouse. Then I walked to my friend Collier and Peggy’s work and gave Collier his keys. Then I walked to the library. When I arrived I found out that story time was canceled. I scanned some things while I was there and drank my smoothie. Then I walked to the thrift store. At the thrift store I found a cute costume for Angel. Then I walked to the antique store. Nothing on my shelves had sold so I put everything on sale.

I walked back home and had some veggies nuggets, zucchini chips, kale chips and shared with Angel. Angel played while I did some stuff online. Then I watched Netflix and relaxed for a couple hours. Angel nursed 2 times.

Savana watched Angel while I ran a few errands in her car. I came home and decided to see if I could get approved for a lease on an electric car. I called the ford dealership in town and they didn’t have any electric cars but they did take my information to see if I could qualify for a lease. They called back later and said not a chance without a co-signer but said I could possibly get a loan.

I called another car sales company that my friend Johnielynn works at. They said to come in and see what cars they had available. None were electric but they had some nice cars for under $10,00. It was just down the road so I went in and I liked 2 of the cars. They had folding back seats so I could fit everything for the farmers market in. It was getting close to 5pm so the lady helping said she will call me back tomorrow.

My friend John called and said he would be at my place around 7:30pm. I had been expecting his call and was looking forward to having him come visit.

Back at home I drank some coconut water and then took a late nap with Angel. When I woke up I watched a “Curios George” show with Angel until John arrived. Angel nursed, had some coconut water and apple juice.

John arrived and we talked until 9pm. It was many delightful conversations. Finally I had to cut myself off and get ready for bed. I gave Angel a bath and took a cold shower. Then I talked a little more before going to bed. Angel nursed and is walking around the tiny house reorganizing things.

Sleep 💤 soon! Thank you for reading my blog. Good night 😴



Gratitudes: October 18, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  •  I appreciate Baby singing.
  • I appreciate delightful lunches with great conversations.
  • I appreciate myself for doing daily gratitudes.
  •  I appreciate relaxing afternoons working for George.
  • I appreciate finding new people that give me motivational ideas.
  • I appreciate abundance always.
  • I appreciate giving.