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Gratitudes and blog: I love love love to Smile: February 11,2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: I love love love to Smile.

  • I am grateful for feeling better. I love being healthy enough to recover quickly.
  • I am grateful to myself for taking a me day.
  • I am grateful for wonderful uplifting friends.

I woke in the night for a couple hours and read. I woke again at 7am. I was still feeling congested and was considering taking another day off. Angel woke up, she sat on her potty and didn’t immediately get off like she has been. She pee’d and pooped. Yay!! We did a happy potty dance.

We took a shower and got dressed. I drank 3 young coconut waters and immediately felt much much better. Woohoo for coconut water!  I made a 64oz. papaya, mango, lemon, fresh oj smoothie and a banana, raspberry, celery smoothie. Then I made a batch of spicy kale chips and put them in the dehydrator. I was thinking about riding my bike to the greenhouse but decided to rest my body as much as possible today

I drove to the greenhouse and dropped of Savana Storm’s lunch on the way. I worked at the greenhouse for a couple hours. I wanted to get to the grocery store before working for George so I left a little early. The drive was nice. Angel slept and I listened to classical music.

I got everything I needed at the store. I love interacting with people out in public, especially sharing my smile. I love love love to smile. I had some fun quick conversations with people I came in contact with. One young man and his dad were looking at huge stuffed monkeys. I asked him if the monkey was for him. He laughed and said no! He said he was thinking about getting it for his girlfriend who loves monkeys. I assured him that it would be a great gift. What teenage girl wouldn’t love a huge stuffed monkey?!?!

I paid for my items and made it to George’s only a couple minutes late. George was feeling down today. He played with Angel while I went to the store for him. When I got home I drank my mango medley smoothie. Angel rolled around the house in her walker. She loves her walker. I did laundry and cleaned the kitchen. I called my mom and didn’t talk long…she was going on about deadly mosquitos and whatever else is on the news… Yesterday I decided that it wasn’t a kind thing for me to politely listen to people complain. I decided it was kind for me to politely end the conversation and spend my time in peace and contentment. So I did just that and it was empowering.

After work I listened to classical music on the drive home and drank my other smoothie. I am having a couch surfer stay at my place tonight. His name is Paul and he is traveling through 48 states by bicycle. As I arrived into town I passed him on his bicycle. I stopped and introduced myself and told him I would see him at my place.

At home I unloaded the car and Paul showed up. I showed him his room and we briefly talked. My friend Ben stopped by to put coolant into my cars a/c system. We had a quick chat while he did that.

I made a couple batches of kale chips and then went to eat with Paul. We had a fantastic conversation. I enjoyed hearing about his experiences and appreciated him sharing some of his knowledge. I had a wonderful time. We came back to my place and had fun conversing some more. I played with Angel on the floor while we talked and she loved that.

It was getting late so Angel and I read stories and went to bed. She nursed but didn’t fall asleep. She is being a monkey baby and crawling all over me.

thank you for reading my blog

good night



Gratitudes and blog: Sick Day: February 10,2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog:

  • I am grateful for the beautiful healing sun.
  • I am grateful to myself for listening to my body.
  • I feel grateful for grass.

I woke in the night for a couple of hours, I didn’t pay attention to the time. I woke again at 7:30am. My head was heavy and stuffy and my body was achy. Angel woke up the same way…snot oozing out of her continually. Yucky! I set her on the potty with me since she doesn’t like her potty anymore, but nothing happened. We took a shower and got dressed. I did a handstand and drank 3 coconut waters.

I was taking the morning off from the greenhouse to do my taxes. I sat at the computer and worked on my taxes and it went on and on. Problems, issues…and I wasn’t enjoying myself. My mom called while I was in the thick of tax world. She was complaining about minimum wage and this and that. I looked at my phone and that red hang up button looked so magical and I knew it would bring instant silence. My finger pushed and I breathed a sigh of relief. Then it hit me that I had just hung up on my mom. I wanted to start laughing, but then the phone rang again. My mom, of course. I feigned connection issues. I kept the conversation short.

I looked at the time and realized that I needed to quickly get ready to take Angel to story time. I felt so achy and yucky and it seemed like doing my taxes made it worse. I decided that doing taxes is not how I want to start my days. I hung clothes on the line, nursed Angel and we were off on the bike. Ugh…I was truly not feeling good. On the ride I came upon my friend Collier out walking. I told him I was sick and taking the day off. Then I consciously realized that I was taking the day off.

My friend Kathy had some plants for me to pick up. I stopped by her place and talked to her briefly while I dug up some monkey grass.

I made it to the library right on time. We enjoyed story time. Then I biked to Savana Storm’s school and dropped off her lunch. I arrived right as lunch was starting and we got to see Savana and say hello.

I biked home and called George, leaving him a message that I wouldn’t be in today. I laid down with Angel. We both fell asleep for about an hour. When we awoke I got back on the computer and was able to finish my taxes. Yay!! It’s done for the year.

Then we went outside with a blanket to lay in the sun. I got distracted when I walked through the yard and decided to replant my flower bed and put in the monkey grass I’d just gotten. Angel played in the yard while I dug up the flower bed. It looked so nice when I was finished. I was very happy to have it done. So pretty!!

I then laid down in the sun and drank 64oz. fresh squeezed oj I had bought at HEB yesterday. Angel crawled around and played. After a while I got up and took the clothes down off the line and put them away.

Savana Storm came home and sat outside with us for a while. When the sun started to set I came inside and called my friend Maggie in Boise. We had a great conversation about how I had made myself sick so that I could rest because I had been going a hundred miles an hour everyday. I explained to her how I didn’t know what to do because I love my job at the greenhouse and I love my job caring for George but doing both was wearing me out. We came to a conclusion for me to take 2 days off every week. So that is my new plan.

I then called my grandpa and then my mom. When I was off the phone Angel and I sat on the floor and ate a durian together. Then we took a lavender bath and read stories. Angel nursed to sleep right away.

I am still feeling yucky and congested. I might need another day off tomorrow. I will see how I feel in the morning.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night.


Gratitudes and blog: Enjoying each moment: February 9,2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Enjoying each Moment

  • I feel grateful for a warm sunny day.
  • I feel grateful to myself for having fun.
  • I feel grateful for people.

I woke at 6:45am. I had slept through the night and felt well rested. I got up and Angel wouldn’t sit on her potty. We took a shower and I did some stretching. I’ve been doing handstands every morning but have been forgetting to write about it. So I did my hand stand. Savana Storm was walking to the bathroom and I told her to watch how cool her mom was. I went to do another handstand, my foot hit the side of a doorframe and I fell over. I started laughing…now that is how to be cool. Savana was laughing too.

I drank 3 young coconut waters and made a 64oz. mango fresh squeezed oj smoothie. (My favorite smoothie). I also made a 24oz. banana date smoothies.

I hung diapers on the clothes line and headed out the door. I drove to the greenhouse and worked there for a couple of hours. There is a couple staying in their RV next to the greenhouse for a few weeks to help out with building the systems, G…and M…. I talked to them for a bit and invited them over for dinner.

I then drove to the Asian market in Austin. On the way I talked to my mom who was not in a good mood. I felt myself getting frustrated with her but easily let it go once I hung up. Then I called my aunt and briefly talked to her. After getting off the phone I listened to some Abraham Hicks. It was exactly what I needed to hear. Enjoy life, enjoy each moment was what I got out of it. I had been feeling like my life was too busy and I wasn’t having fun. So I decided to have fun and ignore the busy part. I drank my banana date smoothie while I drove.

I arrived at the store and bought a lot of yummy fruit. I still had some time before I had to be to work so I sat by the car in the grass and sun and ate a papaya. It was so much fun basking in the sun eating fruit! I tried getting Angel to try some papaya but she didn’t want it.

After eating, I drove to work. George wanted to go get a massage. I thought that was a great idea. I drove him there and had an hour of free time until he was finished. I went next door to the grocery store and bought more fruit. Then I put Angel in her backpack and we went for a walk through a nearby neighborhood. As we were walking we came to a park with baby swings. Yay!! Angel’s favorite thing is to swing. I pushed her in the swing for a while and she thought that was great fun.

We walked back to the massage place and got George. I drove us back to his place and we took the dog on a walk before I headed home. The drive home was nice. I listened to classical music and Angel slept. I stopped and filled up my water jugs and got some lettuce and tomatoes from the greenhouse on the way.

At home Savana Storm helped me unload the car. G…and M… came over for dinner. We talked while I made a big salad. I opened up a durian and let them taste it. They were slightly intrigued. We all sat down and ate salad together with apples and oranges that they had brought. Savana sat and ate with us briefly which was a pleasant surprise. We had a delightful conversation that was so much fun. I let Angel taste some of the piece of durian left over. She actually ate it and wanted more, so I fed her what was left. She must be my daughter to like durian! She wouldn’t eat papaya earlier but chowed down durian. Lol

Angel was getting fussy and tired so they went home. I started a load of laundry and laid down with Angel and nursed her. I thought she would fall asleep but she didn’t and is still wide awake being a monkey.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night.


Gratitudes: February 8,2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I feel grateful for baby cuddles.
  • I feel grateful to myself for breathing.
  • I feel grateful for not feeling good.

Gratitudes and blog: Crabby pants: February 7,2016

Hyena and chickens

Today’s gratitudes and blog: Crabby pants

  • I feel grateful for walks in the sun.
  • I feel grateful to myself for accepting contrast.
  • I feel grateful to Savana Storm for cleaning the house.

I slept through the night and woke up at 5:50am. Angel woke up as well. I put her on the potty but she got right off. She is not liking her potty anymore. We took a shower and got dressed. I drank 3 coconut waters and made a date smoothie. I made a big salad to take to church for a potluck, a made a date garlic dressing to share.

I wanted to ride my bike but it was too cold, so I drove to church. I cleaned the church and set up for the service. Angel was in the backpack while I worked. I drank my smoothie. Church service was good. Angel keeps me very busy. After church we had a potluck. I had two very big helpings of salad with my dressing. Conversations were good. I tried getting Angel to eat some strawberry but she just played with it, smashed it up and threw it on the floor.

When we got home the house was a mess and full of teenagers. Angel had fallen asleep on the drive home and I was tired so I laid down in the hammock outside and dozed off with Angel in her car seat next to me. I slept for about 20 minutes before teenage noises woke me up. I was very crabby to have been woken up. Savana came out and asked me if she could go to her friends. I went on about how the house was a mess and she didn’t do her chore of cleaning the floors and the clothes were still on the line that I had asked her to get. She said she would get the clothes now and do the rest when she came home later. I said ,”fine, whatever”. (lol…like the grown up that I am). Angel woke up and as I was nursing her I wallowed for a while about how my house was a pig sty and how I never had time to work on my yard and garden and how I should just stop cleaning up my messes and live like a slob…..and on and on and on…just rolling around in my crabbiness, getting all covered in the crabbiness from head to toe. I ate 4 veggie patties to ensure that my crabbiness continued for a while.

Finally I’d had my fill of being crabby and decided it was time to do an enema and some self care. I did an enema and felt better. Since I was feeling better I drank 4 young coconut waters and decided to go on a walk. I walked to the park with Angel and she got to swing for a while, which is her favorite thing. I hung on the monkey bars and stretched. Then I walked some more. I walked past my friend Kathy’s house and she was outside raking. I talked to her for a while until it was starting to get dark. I headed for home and a car pulled up in front of me. It was Henry…Henry started talking about giving his other car to his granddaughter and I could tell this story was going to be a long one. I said that I was sorry Henry but the sun was going down and it was getting cold and I needed to go. He kept trying to get a few words in as I smiled and waved and walked away…more words…more smiling and walking and waving. I was in full speed headed home. The cold was moving in quickly. Angel had a blanket but I had a dress and flip flops on. Another car pulled up. A young man….’hey do you need a ride”. Me, ” not thank you”. Still walking…”are you single”…..still walking pushing Angel….ignoring the car….the car following….inching beside me….”do you mind if I come over to your place”? Me, “yes, I do mind”, as I continued to speed walked with my stroller. The car speeds off. I push forward. We dodged two bullets and we were almost home.

The house is so warm when I came inside. Savana Storm had come home and cleaned it. How very nice! I sent her a thank you text. I feed Angel and relaxed. The phone rings…I ignore it. I get a text…I ignore it. I just was….at home, feeding my baby, rocking in the rocker, breathing. I stayed that way until I was ready to do something else.

I returned the phone call and then wrote my blog while Angel played on the floor.

I am thinking it is a good night for an early bed time.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night.


Gratitudes: Rebecca and Cory! : February 6, 2016

Rebecca and Cory

Today’s gratitudes: Rebecca and Cory!

  • I am grateful to meet face to face my fruity facebook friends.
  • I am grateful to myself for growing food!
  • I am grateful to be home.

Gratitudes and blog: Half a day off! : February 5, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Half a day off!

  • I AM grateful for water.
  • I AM grateful to myself for riding my bicycle.
  • I AM grateful for laughter.

I woke at 2am. I noticed a friend of mine that lives in London was on-line. I messaged him to see if he wanted to skype. He was available so we skyped for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun and we had delightful conversations. Angel woke up during that time and joined in our skype conversation until she got too tired. So we logged off and went back to sleep around 5:30am. I woke again at 8am. I felt very happy and relaxed. I had the day off from taking care of George today, so I was just working at the greenhouse.  Angel woke up when I did. I put her on the potty and she pee’d. She doesn’t want to sit on her potty for more than a minute lately, so we are not catching much poop in there. We will keep trying.

I made 4 strawberry, romaine, banana 24oz. smoothies and drank 3 young coconut waters and 32oz. of RO water. I left Oliver in his back yard and came home to get my bicycle. I hung up a load of laundry, then dug a trench from my backyard to my front yard. The neighbor has had a water leak for months and it is flooding out the north side of my yard. I have told them and the city but it’s still leaking. So now I have a little river going through my yard where I dug the trench and I feel very happy about that.

I rode to Savana Storm’s school and dropped off her lunch. Angel was happy to see Debra the receptionist. Then I continued on to the greenhouse. It was a fabulous ride and I really pushed going up the hills and got a great work out. At the greenhouse I had a lot to do and worked for 4 hours. I drank 2 smoothies.

I left the greenhouse and rode to the grocery store. On the way I passed the chamber of commerce. I went in to see if they could switch my cleaning business that I registered with them a few months ago and convert it into the greenhouse. They said no problem :) Yay! I stayed for a while and chatted with a couple people. I had so much fun talking to them.

I made it to the grocery store and picked up my case of young coconuts. As I was leaving the store, an older man told me a story about how he got hit by a car while bicycling and now his body was full of metal. He told me how he got ran over and lost every single drop of blood from his body but he refused to die. He got a blood transfusion and the doctor said they had to replace every single drop of blood in his body. It was quite obvious this story was entirely made up but I enjoyed playing along. He was having a great time making up this story as he went along and I thought to myself…this is why I don’t watch TV…real life is incredibly entertaining.

I rode home and let Angel play in her jumper outside while I watered my plants. Savana Storm came home and I went to go get Oliver. Oliver’s owner was already home, so my pet sitting job was finished for the week. I took Savana Storm out on a driving lesson. We took the back roads to go pick up a van I was using for the farmers market tomorrow morning. She did really good driving. This is her 3rd time, she has made a lot of progress and is handling the stick shift incredibly well. I drank my other smoothies while she drove, I was grateful that I could feel relaxed and fully trust her driving. I was appreciating that I was that kind of mom.

I picked up the van and left my car there. I dropped Savana Storm off close to home and went back to the green house. I loaded the van with some of what I need at the market in the morning. Andy and a couple that is helping out with the greenhouse were there. I had fun talking to them for a while and ate some kale chips that I had made the other day. The couple left, Andy and I went to the store. We bought some things for the business. When we were checking out, one of Savana Storm’s classmates came up to me. He told me that he enjoy’s the inspirational quotes I put in Savana’s lunch everyday and that she hands them out to other students. I was surprised that she did that. I didn’t even think she read them. I was very happy to know that she is paying attention to the little things I do to help her keep an open heart and mind.

After the store I came home and wrote my blog while Angel crawled around the house playing with her toys. She is so content to be able to play and move her body. We will be going to bed soon.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night


Gratitudes: February 4,2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for the sun.
  • I am grateful to myself for appreciating my own company.
  • I am grateful for Savana Storm helping me with Angel Baby.

Gratitudes and blog: Mastitis : February 3, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Mastitis

  • I am grateful for fresh picked tomatoes, grown myself.
  • I am grateful to myself for resting.
  • I am grateful for second hand stores.

I woke at 2am and fell back asleep at 4am. I woke again at 6:30am. Angel woke up as well. I put her on the potty and she pee’d. I am house/pet sitting Oliver the labradoodle, I let him out back. I drank 3 young coconut waters and make 3 24oz. smoothies. One was pineapple, date, romaine, one was banana, papaya, romaine and one was papaya, banana, date, romaine. I went outside to check on something in the car and Oliver snuck past me and ran off. I took off chasing him in my bare feet, yelling, “Oliver you better get back here right now!” Which did a whole lot of nothing other than exercise my lungs. Oliver thought it was a fun chasing game. Finally I gave up and came back in. I put Angel in her car seat and got in the car and drove around thinking he would come if he thought he could ride in the car. I couldn’t find him. “Oh great!”, I thought, “now I get to tell his owner that I lost him”. I went back to the house and sat calmly pulling myself together. I went to the back door and Oliver was back in the yard. I called him again but he ignored me. I shut the door for a minute and then opened it again and he was waiting to come in. I sternly scolded him and gave him the stink eye…which he ignored. I was very thankful to have him back and said a prayer of gratitude.

I finished getting ready and headed to the greenhouse. I worked at the greenhouse for a couple of hours. I enjoyed myself and my business partner A… was in a good mood. Best of all I tried one of my ripe tomatoes. Heaven!

After leaving the greenhouse I went to the library for storytime. Angel loves storytime. She danced during the songs and had fun playing with the other kids. When storytime was over I went back to Olivers and hung out with him for a while before driving to Round Rock to take care of George. I drank one of my smoothies.

The drive to Round Rock was nice. I left a little early so I could cash a check on the way. I listened to Byron Katie, “One Thousand Ways to Love”. It was enlightening. Half way there I became very very tired. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So I pulled behind a gas station and fell asleep for a half hour. I slept deeply. I felt better when I woke up and continued to drive to George’s. Thankfully I had left early because now I was right on time and figured the check could be cashed another day.

George was in a really good mood today. He played with Angel and sang to her. She got hungry and I nursed her to sleep. Then George held her while she slept, which is one of his favorite things to do. I mopped the floors, cleaned the kitchen, drank my other 2 smoothies and talked to George while Angel slept. When she woke we went to the second hand store so George could get some things. I found 2 cute shirts that I liked, I was in need of short sleeve shirts. I have long sleeve and tank tops and only 3 short sleeve ones…now I have 5! :) At the second hand store I was starting to feel a little bit feverish. I was like…What?? Why?? but it wasn’t bad so I figured it would pass.

After George I listened to music on the drive home. I was feeling even more achy and feverish. I thought maybe I was hungry…which I was. I arrived at home and ate a durian. I instantly became very chilled and nauseous. I checked my breasts and sure enough there was a hot spot and a lump. Mastitis!!! I just had this on the other side when I was flying to Florida which was a very challenging airport experience. It only lasted a day then, so I’m hoping this is the same.

I was meeting a person in a neighboring town to get a lamp. Savana Storm watched Angel while I left to do that. On the way I picked up Oliver so he could go for a ride and not be alone any longer. I got the lamp, got Angel back and went to Oliver’s. I’m going to drink a lot of water the rest of the evening and go to bed early. Angel is tired so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I hope to wake up feeling much better in the morning.


Gratitudes: February 2,2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for half a day spent with Savana Storm.
  • I am grateful to myself for practicing unconditional love.
  • I am grateful for the feel of baby skin.