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Today’s gratitudes and blog: Enjoying The Moment and Listening.

  •  I appreciate a strong body.
  • I appreciate sleeping in.
  • I appreciate rain.
  • I appreciate George.
  • I appreciate wonderful gifts arriving in the mail.
  • I appreciate Savana letting me use her car.
  • I appreciate Angel kisses.

I went to bed the night before at 8am. I had woke in the night and read and woke again at 8am. I had a bm, then I read for a while. Angel nursed and ran around playing. I drank warm lemon water and fresh squeezed oj for breakfast and shared with Angel. Then I listened to Eckhart Tolle while I dry brushed, put on coconut oil, got dressed and made my bed. I made a banana/date smoothie and avocado applesauce for lunch and dinner.

I nursed Angel again and then used Savana’s car to drive to the greenhouse. We snacked on dates on the way there. At the greenhouse I dug out a trench to make a garden bed. The ground was really hard and I dug out sections. I would dig until my arms couldn’t move anymore. Then I would pull the loose dirt out of the trench. I was very proud when I finally got a big rectangle dug out. Angel helped me fill the bed with soil. Then I planted tomato starts, rosemary and seeds for radishes, spinach and herbs. I was very proud of my hard work.

I wanted to do more but it was almost time to drive to George’s. I nursed Angel and she fell asleep. I put her in her car seat and drove home and grabbed my food. I drove to the shop where my truck was being repaired to get some things out of it. The owner Doug was about to close up the shop and sent me to the back to get into my truck while he helped another customer. I went back there but the truck was up on the rack. I went back and told Doug. He said he would help me in a minute. He finished helping the other customer. At first I started to get irritated, thinking “I have to get to work”! I caught myself right away and enjoyed listening to the conversation between Doug and the other customer. Come to find out, it was a conversation that I enjoyed hearing. The other customer didn’t have the full amount of his repair bill. Doug happily did a hand shake agreement with the customer that the customer would pay a hundred a month until his bill was paid off and he was able to take his truck with him. I felt very comforted knowing that if I ever needed to then I could make payments on my truck repairs. I enjoy paying things up front in full but options are nice. I was so glad that I chose to enjoy the moment and listen to what was going on around me instead of fretting about time and getting to work.

When Doug finished with the other customer he couldn’t lower the lift because of what was in the process being done under the truck so he got a ladder and was going to get what I wanted out of the truck. I asked if I could go up in the ladder because there was a lot I needed to get. I assured him that I wouldn’t get hurt. I climbed up and had to do some acrobatic moves to get the truck door open and transfer from the ladder to the truck. I had full confidence in what I was doing and did not feel fear in anyway. I gracefully moved into the truck and gracefully made it back down. Doug complemented my acrobatics and I liked that. I bought a quart of oil to put in Savana’s car but I couldn’t get the cap open, Doug helped me that which was nice since it was out in the pouring rain. I thanked him very much and then headed to George’s.

On the drive I listened to Eckhart Tolle, drank my smoothie and enjoyed the warmth from the heater. I was toasty warm and loved it. I arrived at George’s right on time. Angel woke up and we went inside. I talked with George’s girlfriend Peggy for a few minutes while Angel nursed. She asked if I could clean out their fridge. I happily did that while Angel played with George. I got the fridge looking shiny and beautiful and was proud of my work. Then I cleaned the kitchen. I sat down and ate avocado applesauce with tomatoes for dinner. Then I nursed Angel again and wrote my blog. I had another bm. Then I watched TV with George for a while. I took out the trash right before it was time to leave.

After leaving George’s I went to the grocery store and bought fresh squeezed oj and other needed produce. I had a great conversation with the check out clerk when he asked me about reading people.  Then I drove home. On the drive I listened to a movie on Netflix. It was a great movie called “Christmas Angel in our Home”. Very cute and all about success.

When I arrived home, Savana and Tyler helped me unload the car. I put the groceries away and took a shower with Angel. We are in bed and she is nursing.

Thank you for reading my blog. Good night 💤






Today’s gratitudes and vlog: How I Got Started In The Greenhouse.

  •  I appreciate little toads in the greenhouse.
  • I appreciate tomatoes and bananas and dates and watermelon.
  • I appreciate rain.
  • I appreciate my truck getting fixed.
  • I appreciate Savana and Tyler helping with Angel.
  • I appreciate Alice rescuing the clothes on the line from the rain.
  • I appreciate the color brown.

Thank you for reading and watching my vlog. Good night 😴




Daily Inspiration 🐣




Another Day Off: Gratitudes: December 1, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  •  I appreciate being able to say no without guilt.
  • I appreciate taking really good care of myself.
  • I appreciate reading time in the sun this evening.
  • I appreciate heat in my tiny house.
  • I appreciate the never ending flow of abundance in my life.
  • I appreciate my incredible friends.
  • I appreciate bananas and tomatoes and dates and coconut water and fresh oj.

Daily Inspiration 🐸




A Day Off From My Blog: Gratitudes: November 30, 2016


today’s gratitudes:

  •  I appreciate days off
  • I appreciate long walks.
  • I appreciate sunshine.
  • I appreciate fun conversations.
  • I appreciate getting a new modem.
  • I appreciate Savana.
  • I appreciate clean floors.
  • I appreciate creative thinking.



Daily Inspiration 🐝



Walking on My Hands: Day 29 of Eating Fruit: November 29, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Walking on My Hands: Day 29 of Eating Fruit.

  •  I appreciate visible progress.
  • I appreciate enjoying the moment.
  • I appreciate naps.
  • I appreciate happy people.
  • I appreciate having fresh tomatoes to sell.
  • I appreciate fresh squeezed oj.

I woke at 4am, Angel woke up and was wide awake. I did yoga and meditation for an hour. Angel ran around and played and nursed. I dry brushed, put on coconut oil, oil pulled, got dressed and made my bed.

I went into the house and drank 3 glasses of lemon water. I made a banana, persimmon and fresh oj smoothie and avocado apple sauce to take with me to work. I listened to Eckardt Tolle while I bagged up kale chips. Angel had bananas, raisins and raspberries mashed up for breakfast.

I packed up the truck and drove to the greenhouse. I loaded up my market supplies and drove to the farmers market. On the drive I listened to Eckardt Tolle and Angel fell asleep. At the farmers market I received a warm welcome back from the other vendors and was happy to be set up next to Jimmie who is a lot of fun to hang out with.

The market was a little bit slow today but I was excited to have tomatoes to sell. I drank my smoothie and had some zucchini chips and banana chips. Angel had kale chips and banana chips and nursed twice. I had a great time talking to the customers and other vendors. I practiced doing handstands on the grass and was able to do one step with my hands. Yes! I am officially walking on my hands! One step counts

After the market I went to the grocery store and stocked up on produce. I bought dates and ate a bunch of them, Angel had one too. Then we went to George’s. Angel fell asleep on the drive but woke up as soon as we got to George’s house.

At George’s Angel nursed and then played with George. I drank a bunch of fresh oj. Then I sat in the recliner and fell asleep for about 20 minutes. I was so tired! I woke up and finally had a bm. Then I took out the trash and had dinner. I ate zucchini noodles with avocado applesauce poured over them. I was so full I couldn’t finish the last couple of bites. Angel was being fussy, so we all went on a walk down the road and back. Then I nursed Angel again and she fell asleep.

I left George’s and Angel slept the whole way home. I had crazy food cravings the entire drive, which is strange because I was so full I had to unbutton my pants. I practiced being in the moment and not letting my mind take over. It was a struggle and I was fighting being in the moment.

I made it back to the greenhouse and unloaded the truck. Then I drove home. Angel woke up and Alice helped bring groceries in. I nursed Angel and she ate a date and some mango. One of my Airbnb guests that I hadn’t met yet came out of his room and introduced himself. We had a fun conversation for about an hour and I gave him a tour of my tiny house.

Angel started getting fussy so we took a long shower. I did an enema and that felt really good. We went to bed and Angel nursed but didn’t go to sleep. I wrote my blog and will hopefully be sleeping shortly.

Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate you! Good night




Daily Inspiration 🌺




Today’s gratitudes and vlog: Free Stuff, a Working Heater and Stuck in the Mud.

  •  I appreciate fresh produce.
  • I appreciate morning meditation and yoga.
  • I appreciate lemon water.
  • I appreciate confidence.
  • I appreciate friends.

Thank you for reading and watching my vlog. Good night  💤