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A Day Without Driving: gratitudes and blog: May 28, 2016

image Today’s gratitude and blog: A Day Without Driving

  •  I am grateful for evening walks.
  • I am grateful for fields of flowers
  •  I am grateful to myself for knowing that I am perfect the way I am.
  • I am grateful for abundance.

I  went to bed late at 11:30 PM. I woke in the night for a couple of hours. I woke again at 7 AM. Angel nursed and woke up.  I had a BM, dry brushed and took a cold shower. I drank one young coconut water and blend up half of a watermelon.  Angel drank some of the watermelon.  I drank half of what I blended, then I did some stretching and yoga while Angel played on the floor. Then I made a couple of batches of kale chips and put them in the dehydrator.

My Airbnb guest checked out  and I cleaned the room and got the bed ready for my next guest on June 1. I dusted all of the ceiling fans which were pretty dusty.  I started a load of laundry and finished my watermelon juice. I did some things on my computer for a while. Then Angel and I went outside and shared a durian while Savana Storm cleaned the floors. I practiced my handstands outside on the grass and I was very impressed with how good I am able to start balancing :-) Angel had fun playing in the water.

When we went back inside Savana Storm rocked Angel to sleep. Then her and her friends borrowed the car to go do stuff. I had some veggie nuggets and read Louise Hayes book “how to heal yourself”  and did some meditation.  Then I laid down and rested for a half-hour and tell Angel woke up.

I nursed Angel and hung clothes on the line. Then I put her in her backpack and we rode to the store.  It suddenly became very hot out when the sun came out and it was quite humid from all the rain we’ve had. I felt extremely dehydrated from eating those veggie nuggets.  I also found out my new backpack doesn’t work very well on the bicycle. Angel sits up too high and I can’t put my head straight. I have to hold it down towards the ground. I stopped several times and tried to adjust the backpack so it would work better but I couldn’t figure out a better way. I was pouring sweat by the time I got to the store and my back felt weak. First thing when I got inside I grabbed 2 16 ounce bottles of coldpressed grapefruit juice and drink it right away. It took about a half hour before the crazy feeling of thirst went away and I felt my strength coming back.

I had a great time shopping picking out a good vacuum because my old one stopped working. Angel was being very cute  and Texans love babies and they all have to stop and talk to Angel. The ride home was much better than the ride there, I was still uncomfortable with the backpack but I didn’t feel dehydrated and miserable. When I got home I tried out the new vacuum and was delighted with it. Yay!

I made a big batch of banana nice cream that I shared with Angel. My business partner and he came over and he talked to me about numbers and how much the greenhouse would need to make in order to make a profit when he leaves and puts me in charge between the end of June and July. I felt confident that I would be able to meet those numbers and then some.

Andy left and I nursed Angel and started a load of diapers. Then we went on a walk to the park. I was able to easily make it across the monkey bars and Angel had a blast swinging. I love hearing her baby squeals and giggles. We left the park and went on a walk through the neighborhood. When we arrived back home I hung up diapers on the line. Angel and I took a bath and I rinsed off with a cold shower. I tried reading Angel a story but she was having non of it. She is nursing and I have a feeling she will fall asleep shortly.

Thank you for reading my blog

Good night


Vacationing at Home: Gratitudes and blog: May 27, 2016

Savana May 27, 2016

Today’s gratitudes and blog: Vacationing at Home

  • I am grateful for Savana Storm letting me take a picture of her to post.
  • I am grateful to myself for still not going back to work until Sunday even though I arrived home early from vacation.
  • I am grateful for a day of rest and relaxation.
  • I am grateful for banana nice cream.
  • I am grateful for having a vitamix.

I woke at 6am. I got up and talked to Savana a few minutes and braided her hair for her before she left for her last day of school for her sophmore year. I laid down and started to drift back to sleep but Angel woke up. I nursed her and got up. I had a bm, dry brushed and took a cold shower. It was very wet and rainy out. I opened the front door to let in the negative ions and smell the rain. Angel played with her toys and ran around the house. I blended up half a watermelon and drank it. I cut up some for Angel in a bowl and she ate most of it. I called my mom and talked to her for a bit. Then I did a load of laundry, unloaded the car and put all my food and luggage away. I had 2 more bm’s in the morning. Those felt so good. I decided to go to the grocery store. I  got Angel dressed and we drove there.

At the grocery store the produce manager Ben had set back a bunch of ripe banana’s for me that he had marked down. He also had cases of mango’s for me for $6 each. Woohoo! After I finished shopping I went back home and unloaded the groceries. Angel had fallen asleep. I called Savana to see if she needed a ride home from school since it was a half day. She was out with her boyfriend and friend. I offered to take them to lunch. We met at the pizza place and I had salad. Angel woke up and ate a bunch of pineapple from the salad bar. It was fun hanging out with the teenagers and catching up on teenage life. When I left there I called my business partner Andy and got caught up on what was going on in the greenhouse. I told him that I was still on vacation until Sunday even though I was back. He was fine with that but he didn’t really have a choice in the matter. 😉

I came home and laid on the couch to take a little nap while Angel played on the floor. Savana called just as I was falling asleep and asked if I could pick her up from work in a half hour. I agreed and asked if she could watch Angel when we got back so I could take a nap. I folded laundry and put it away. Then I went and picked up Savana Storm. We when arrived back home I went in my room and laid down. I slept really hard and had a great hour and a half nap. When I got up the sun was shining. Alice was sitting outside and I sat out there with her. Savana and Angel were taking a bath and joined us when they were finished. Angel ate half an avocado and I drank a kombucha. We sat and talked for a while enjoying the sunlight. I got to looking at my not yet finished garden space and realized that I had cucumbers, cantaloupe, a mango and avocado tree growing from my compost that I threw out there. How cool!

After a while I went inside and nursed Angel who fell asleep. I started some fruity roll ups in the dehydrator. I made mango, pineapple, jalapeno; strawberry banana and strawberry blueberry. Then I cut up a bunch of tomatoes to make some dried tomatoes for an order. I called my friend Maggie in Idaho and we had a great conversation. Angel woke up and I fed her some mango and made some banana, mango nice cream for us. We ate and I played bananagrams with Alice and my current airbnb guest. When we finished then Angel and I took a bath. Angel wasn’t tired because of her late nap and I had gotten a good nap. So we stayed up and I wrote my blog while Angel played with her toys.

We will be reading stories and going to bed soon.

Thank you for reading my blog

Good night.




Today’s gratitudes and blog: Cold Clammy Creatures in the Dark

  • I am grateful for my car.
  • I am grateful to myself for making connections.
  • I am grateful for so many amazing people that I’ve spent time with on my vacation.
  • I am grateful to be home.

I woke up at 7 AM. I had been awake in the middle of the night in the little cabin in the woods I was staying in. Right before I had fallen asleep something cold and clammy jumped on me in the dark. It scared me so bad. I got my phone light going and saw it was a little frog. I thought it was funny that a frog about made me pee myself. It kept hoping around until finally I got up and chased it down using my phone light. It kept slipping out of my grasp but I finally caught it and put it outside. So when I woke in the night I kept imagining things were crawling on me or running around the cabin; and I could hear an animal digging around outside of the cabin. After a couple of hours of reminding myself to keep my imagination in check. I was able to finally fall back asleep.

I got up and got dressed. I woke up Angel and we hiked back to the house. I had a great bm,took a quick cold shower and put on clean clothes. I got Angel dressed. My friend Karen blended up some watermelon. I took one big jar and one small jars worth and packed them in my car.  Angel and I shared some gifts with Karen and said our goodbyes.

On the drive to Dallas I drank all of my watermelon juice.  Angel had two sippy cups full of watermelon juice. About halfway there I stopped at a little Mexican restaurant to nurse Angel. I ordered guacamole and salsa, which were delicious. Angel ate some of the guacamole after she nursed. When we got back in the car headed for Dallas, Angel fell asleep. I got sleepy too (that guacamole! It makes me so sleepy sometimes) I felt too tired to drive so I found a remote spot and pulled over.  I went a couple of yards into the woods and dug a hole with a stick. I had another great bm that I buried and i used tree leaves wipe with.  I walked back to the car and took a very satisfying 15 minute nap. I woke up refreshed and listened to classical music on the rest of the drive to Dallas.

When I arrived in Dallas I met Angel’s paternal aunt Kim at her photography studio. She took some amazing pictures of Angel in some really cute clothes that she bought for her. I had such a great time hanging out with her and we had fun conversations. When she was done with the pictures I got a mango pineapple strawberry orange juice smoothie and we played with Angel at a nearby play land.

When it was time to leave Kim drove us across the mall parking lot to our car. We said our goodbyes and I started heading for home. I stopped at a Japanese restaurant and was going to get some steamed rice. Instead I ordered vegan pad Thai since I had never had it before and Angel ate the rice. As soon as I was halfway through the pad Thai my stomach rejected it. I went in the bathroom and up it all came. I was pleased with my bodies efficiency and for more knowledge of what my body likes and doesn’t like.

When I got back to the car I went to change Angel and looking through the car I realized that I had left the clothes Kim had bought Angel in her car. I called her and sure enough they were there. She will send them to me. 😊

On the rest of the drive home Angel took an hour nap. I listened to classical music and had fun driving. I made it home at almost 10pm which is past our bedtime. I talked to Savana Storm for a while and she played with Angel. Then Angel and I took a quick shower. Angel nursed but didn’t fall asleep. She is singing and thunder is clapping outside.

Thank you for reading my blog

good night.


A Chorus of Frogs: gratitudes and blog: May 25, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: A Chorus of Frogs

  • I am grateful for my amazing friends.
  • I am grateful to myself for being adventurous.
  • I am grateful for fun accommodations.

I woke at 6am. I nursed Angel. Then I had a bm, dry brushed and took a cold shower. (The water is a lot colder in Kansas than Texas). I packed my bags and loaded my stuff in the car. I’d been staying at my friend Corrine’s in Kansas City for 2 days and met up with my son Scott and his girlfriend Delany yesterday as they are heading back to Salt Lake City from Nashville. I am starting for home today but am taking a couple of days to do it.

Corrine’s husband Chris made some carrot, apple, celery juice and I drank 16 oz of it. I woke up Angel and got her dressed. She drank some of the carrot juice and played while i blended up a watermelon. I said goodbye to Scott and Delany, then headed off.

I met up with my friend Karen at Sam’s club and bought some mangos for $6 a case. I had another bm. It was great to see Karen again and talk to her briefly.

On the drive to meet another friend named Karen who lives in Oklahoma, I drank my watermelon juice and ate 6 bananas. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive and Angel slept half of it. I listened to “A Tale of Two Cities” audiobook. The weather was beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

When we arrived Karen made banana romaine  smoothies that were delicious. Angel and I drank a bunch. Then she showed us around her farm. She has a goat, a horse, a donkey, chickens, dogs, cats, a raccoon like animal (I forgot what it’s called), a snake, rats and mice. We didn’t meet the snake, cats, rats or mice. Then we sat outside in the shade and relaxed. Angel played and had a lot of fun exploring and checking things out.

I ate 7 altaulfo mangos and shared with Angel. Karen and I talked for a while, then we all went for a walk. It was a fun walk. I chewed on grass and we ran across a non venomous snake that Karen caught. After the walk we talked and relaxed until bedtime. Karen is so fun to talk to and has a delightful smile and laugh. I am so blessed to meet her and have her as a friend.

Karen has a little cabin on her property out in a wooded area that Angel and I are staying in. There is no water or electricity but who needs that unnecessary stuff when we have a chorus of frogs singing to us.

Angel nursed but didn’t fall asleep. She is listening to the frogs and looking out the window.

Thank you for reading my blog

good might



Gratitudes: May 24, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for time to spend with my son Scott and his girlfriend Delany.
  • I am grateful to myself for doing yoga.
  • I am grateful for abundance.

Gratitudes: May 23, 2016


Today’s gratitudes:

  • I am grateful for Corrine, Chris and their family for their incredible generousity and friendship.
  • I am grateful to myself for creating a slow restful day.
  • I am grateful for sunshine after the rain.

Kansas City!: Gratitudes and blog: May 22, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Kansas City

  • I am grateful for meeting new people.
  • I am grateful to myself for flowing downstream.
  • I am grateful for amazing generosity that is shown to myself and Angel.

I woke at 5am. I nursed Angel, dry brushed, took a cold shower and got dressed. I packed up the car, put Angel in her car seat and headed out to finish driving to Kansas City. I drove 3 hours until Angel woke up. On the drive I listened to Byron Katie and Abraham Hicks about food addictions. I’ve been having bad cravings and I’m not sure where they are coming from but I’m ready to work through them. Let’s do this! So I made a little progress by realizing that I can eat anything I want. Anything! My job is to be happy with my choice no matter what I eat. It was a baby step but once they start going the momentum picks up. I’m ready.

I stopped to get gas and stretch. Angel drank some fresh orange juice. I ate a huge apple and some bananas. I let Angel walk around a big truck stop for a while.

We got back on the road. A lady named Karen invited us to stop by on our way. She lives an hour away from Kansas City and it was right on our route. So we stopped by there. She made a mango fresh oj smoothie and I nursed Angel. Karen gave us some herbs and Angel a toy. She showed us her chickens and rabbit. Angel was fascinated by them. Then she took some iridology pictures of my eyes and that was fun. My eyes showed my health is pretty darn good. I already knew that but I enjoyed learning more. It was a delightful visit! Karen is absolutely lovely.

On the hour drive to my friend Corrine’s, Angel fell asleep and I ate a few bananas. When I arrived at Corrine’s, no one would be home for an hour so I got out Angel’s new backpack and we went for a walk after she nursed. It was a glorious walk. The weather was perfect and people had beautiful flowers planted in their yards. I love seeing how people decorate their yards and make up fun stories about the houses as I pass by. Angel and I sang some, made funny noises and  practiced talking.

I arrived back just as Corrine’s husband Chris pulled in the driveway. He welcomed us and is such a kind sweet person. Angel ate half an avocado. Corrine arrived shortly after and made some banana peach nice cream while Chris and i unloaded the car.

I ate my nice cream and shared with Angel while I talked to Corrine. Then we went outside and sat in her back yard. She has a trampoline and I practiced my front flips for a few minutes. Angel ran around naked and had a blast. She nursed and ate some dates.

We came back in and I ate some celery with almond butter. My tummy felt gassy afterward but I enjoyed the feeling. Chris had gone to the store and bought Angel a bunch of presents that he wrapped. I was so surprised and felt so blessed to have a life full of such thoughtful loving people. Angel loved her new toys and played with them for a while. Then we showered and got on our pj’s.

Corrine and I sat in the living room and talked for an hour while Angel played with her new toys some more. Then we went to bed and Angel nursed to sleep almost immediately.

thank you for reading my blog

Good night.


My Car is a Blessing: Gratitudes and blog: May 19, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: My Car is a Blessing

  • I am grateful for my little car.
  • I am grateful to myself for loving myself as is.
  • I am grateful for Airbnb.

I woke at 5:30am. I nursed Angel and she got up with me. I started a load of laundry and put clean sheets on my bed. I packed last minute items, dry brushed and took a cold shower. Angel was fussy and screeching a high pitched cry all morning. She is teething her eye teeth and not as happy as usual. I put the laundry in the dryer, packed the car and drove to the greenhouse.

Andy met me there and I loaded my luggage into his truck and loaded farmers market stuff in my car. He is going to meet me after the market and we will trade. He will take the farmers market stuff back to the greenhouse and I will head to Kansas City with my luggage.

On the drive to the market Angel slept and I listened to fun music. I felt really happy about my car Stevie. She’s old and beat up but she has character. No one ever tries to steal her and she just keeps on running despite having a blown valve in the engine. I love the way she feels to drive and the sound of her zippy engine and I really really really love that she is a stick shift. My car is such a blessing in my life.

Before the market, I stopped at Jamba Juice and ordered 58oz apple and green smoothie. The farmers market was slow. I drank my smoothie and nursed Angel twice. She got to be in her new backpack most of the time and she loved being able to see. My back got tired but I think I was just tired in general.

Finally the market was over. Andy showed up at the end and talked to me about his idea to give me his truck for the business but put it in my name and he will get something else. I think a truck has just manifested into my life, we will see. I loaded my luggage into my car and helped Andy load the market things into to his truck. Then I was off of my trip. I stopped at the grocery store abs bought some fruit as well as coconut ice cream.

Angel fell asleep. I drove, listened to Byron Katie and ate my coconut ice cream until Angel woke up. I stopped at the nearest town which was Burleson. I let Angel walk around for a while. Then we browsed a couple gift shops. We sat at an outside patio to eat. I ordered a salad with guacamole and salsa for the dressing. Angel got some guacamole. The order took a long time and I was starting to feel frustrated but remain need myself that the way things were happening was how they were supposed to happen. We got our food and ate, then we shopped a little more.

We headed out again. It seemed to take a long time to get to Oklahoma City where I had an Airbnb room waiting. Angel was tired and fussy the last hour. We finally made at 10:30pm. We took a quick shower and Angel nursed to sleep right away.

Thank you for reading my blog

good night.



Today’s gratitudes and blog: Amazing Things are Happening!!

  • I am grateful for delightful surprises.
  • I am grateful to myself for trusting that all my needs will be provided for and then some.
  • I am grateful for time in the sun.

I woke at 6am. I nursed Angel and got up. I started a load of laundry. I had a bm, dry brushed, and took a cold shower. I got dressed and made 2 mango, fresh oj, lettuce smoothies and a peach, cherry, nectarine, fresh oj smoothie. Angel was up and she ate a mango while I drank one young coconut water.

I headed to the greenhouse. Angel fell asleep on the way there. I harvested for deliveries and the farmers market tomorrow. The deliveries were fun as always. I drank 64oz. of watermelon left from yesterday inbetween customers and nursed Angel once. I informed everyone I would be out of town next week and wouldn’t be doing deliveries. Andy messaged me when I was almost finished and asked if I could come back to the greenhouse because he wanted to talk to me.

When the deliveries were finished I went back to the greenhouse. Andy told me that by the end of June or early July that he wanted me to take over the greenhouse. He is leaving and wants to only work making the hydroponic systems and doesn’t want to grow things. He said I could grow whatever I want and run it the way I want and to see if I can start making a profit on it. When I do then I can keep the profits. I am very excited about this. I want to start doing companion planting as well as add flowers to sell and plant some fruit trees and do an outside winter garden of kale and collards and mustard greens and I keep thinking of more and more exciting things I can grow. This is just amazing!! I am going to make this greenhouse so awesome!! It’s all mine for creating a masterpiece.

I left the greenhouse, took my car to the shop and had new tired put on. While I was waiting for the tires, I had a big salad and Angel ate some pineapple. When the car was finished I drove to the church and cleaned it. Then I came home and grabbed my other smoothies and headed to George’s. I was a half hour ahead of schedule so I drove the back roads. Will all the rain we have had lately some of the roads were flooded out and I had to turn around and take a different route. It was a really fun adventure. I love seeing the country houses and land. I drank a mango, lettuce, oj smoothie on the drive.

I made it to George’s right on time. He laid down to nap and I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. I rested a while out back with Angel and basked in the sun. Then I swept and mopped all the floors. I swept the sidewalk and driveway outside and took the dog on a walk around the block. I worked an hour late but it was nice to get everything done and looking good since I will be gone all of next week.

On the drive home I drank my cherry, peach, nectarine, fresh oj smoothie and Angel had some too before she fell asleep. It took a while to get home because of a small traffic jam. I finally got home at 7pm. Savana and I did some stretching and I ate a salad with hummus. It was way past 4pm for eating but I didn’t get too concerned about it.

I drove Savana out to her boyfriends house in the country and the moon was incredible. When I arrived home I talked to Alice and the Airbnb guest briefly. Then Angel and I took a bath. I rinsed off with a cold shower and read Angel a story. She nursed but did not fall asleep and is flopping around the bed.

Thank you for reading my blog

good night


Feeding my Emotions: gratitudes and blog: May 18, 2016


Today’s gratitudes and blog: Feeding my Emotions

  • I am grateful for rain and sun.
  • I am grateful to myself for allowing myself to feel and process my aching heart.
  • I am grateful for incredible friends.

i woke up at 5am. I was still tired so I went back to sleep and woke up again at 6am. I was feeling a little sad and heart broken about some personal stuff. I got up, dry brushed, took a cold shower, did handstands and put on coconut oil. I got dressed and drank one young coconut water. I made a coconut water, banana, lettuce, date smoothie and blended up a small watermelon which made 2 64oz jars.

I put sleeping Angel in her car seat and drove to the greenhouse. I worked for a couple hours and drank one watermelon jar. It started raining really hard while I was there.When I left the greenhouse a lot of the roads were flooded so it was sketchy getting around. I made it to my friend Pastor Pam’s house to clean it, right as Angel woke up. I put her in the backpack and started cleaning. I cleaned for a couple of hours and talked to a lady wanting my help on the Bluetooth. It was a wonderful conversation and enjoyed myself. I did a good job cleaning and made the house all sparkly clean.

When I finished, I nursed Angel while I talked to Pam for a few minutes. Then I went home, grabbed my smoothie and headed to George’s. On the drive I listened to an audiobook and drank more watermelon juice. Angel drank a cup of banana smoothie. I stopped at the grocery store and bought a bunch of fruit. I also bought a already made salad and a package of 4 dolmas.

When i got to George’s I ate the dolma’s and salad with raspberry dressing and a handful of tortilla chips. Angel ate half an avocado. I knew I was feeding my emotions because I couldn’t seem to shake the sad feeling. I decided I was stuck and I needed help. I called my friend Corrine and left a message. George laid down to take a nap. I had a bm..finally! Angel nursed to sleep and I sat in the reclined and dozed for 10 minutes until Angel woke up.

Angel and I went outside to enjoy the sun that had just came out after the storm. I sat in the sun and basked. Corrine called me back and we had a delightful talk. I felt much more centered and clear after talking with her.

After I hung up. I took Angel and Baby the dog on a walk around the block. Then it was time to leave. On the drive home I drank my banana smoothie and listened to Bryon Katie. I started to feel joy about my sadness then it just turned into joy and the sadness left. Yay!!

When I arrived home I changed into my yoga clothes. I asked Savana if she wanted to do stretching with me. We spent about a half hour doing stretches together and yoga poses while Angel ran around inbetween our legs. It felt great stretching my body. I haven’t done yoga for a while. Savana said she wants to do that more often. Me too!

I asked Alice if I could start paying her to make the Kale chips that I sell. She was very excited about that. I spent about an hour giving her the recipes and showing her how to make them.  I decided to break my eating after 4pm today and made some banana nice cream that I shared with Angel. When we finished, I cut and packages my completed fruity roll ups. Alice fed Agel a couple of dates. I called my friend Alva in Dallas about visiting her on my way through on my trip. Then I got online and booked an Airbnb room to stay at on the halfway mark of my trip to Kansas City for Saturday night.

Angel and I took a bath, I rinsed off with a cold shower. I read Angel 2 stories and she nursed but is still wide awake and being a monkey.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Good night